What is the recommended space between a dog’s collar and its neck?

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Are you looking to buy the first collar for your new dog? Well, to be honest, a dog is more than an ordinary pet. In fact, it is one of the most loyal family members.

You can make your own homemade dog collars and leashes!

While choosing the dog collar, it is vital to consider certain essential factors for the dog’s comfort and safety. But one most question most dog owner asks, “What is the recommended space between a dog’s collar and its neck?”

What is the recommended space between a dog’s collar and its neck?

There is a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from dog collars. For instance, chain slip collars are best for training purposes, or reflective strips are best for nighttime walking. Besides what collar size you select, the main thing is that it should fit your dog’s neck correctly.

Why Dog’s Collar is Essential?

The prime purpose of the dog’s collar is the safety of your dog. If the collar is loose, then chances are your dog may back out of it and escape.

If the collar is tight, it will make your dog uncomfortable. In case, the collar may get caught on the bush or tree limb, making the dog struggle to get free, the dog may get seriously injured.

So, buying a perfect size dog collar is very important.

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How to Choose Collar Size for Your Dog?

To choose the best possible collar size for your dog, it is crucial to measure the circumference of the neck and then add 1-3 inches (depending on the size of the dog). It will be more for a more giant breed and less for a small breed.

After buying the collar, try it on the dog’s neck and adjust the straps for the right fitting. It is always a wise idea to measure the upper neckline of the dog to make sure the dog collar is not loose to come off this head.


What is the recommended space between a dog’s collar and its neck?

The standard rule is that if your two fingers are fitting comfortably between the dog’s neck and the collar, it is suited ideally.

If your dog pulls, it is wise to use a full collar as it can help to control him easily.

Large breeds because more issues in this respect, while the small breeds can easily be controlled even with a narrow collar.

Check, Readjust and Rest

Every collar is made in a different manner. So checking the collar space of your dog is very important. Always check the space after some time for any wear and tear on the dog collar.

Remember that the collar’s fitting must be checked and adjusted even after the shaving and grooming are done around the neck. If the dog’s fur is growing back from around his neck, it is essential to readjust it again.


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Types of Dog Collars

Though there are different types of collars available for dogs, they can be classified into three basic types based on their functionalities.

1. The Necklace Collar

Such a type of dog chain is the most common type as it is suitable for most dog breeds. But such a loop can make the dog feel uncomfortable. The dog may suffocate whenever you pull him with too much force.

After a while of wearing, the dog may get familiar with the necklace collar. But the dog may feel uncomfortable after getting used to it. In simple words, this is not the best dog collar for your pet.

2. The Choke Chain

The type of dog collar is commonly used for dog training. The Choke chain is quite simple that is strapped to the noose. You can quickly tighten it if the dog doesn’t listen. But such type of chain can be used only by experts. Because if you don’t have experience and understanding, the chances are you may hurt the dog.

3. The Horse Belt Chain

Also known as the Bib Belt Chain, the horse belt chain overcomes the shortcomings of the necklace chain featuring one necklace with a support ring for the chest. Such a type of collar helps the dog to feel more comfortable even if you are pulling it hard.

But there is one thing you should remember while using the horse belt chain. You have to take additional steps every time you use the collar. The case can be seriously hard when handling active puppies.

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How tight should a dog collar be?

Your dog collar should not be too loose or too tight. A perfect fit is very important. For instance, if you are unable to spin the collar around his neck, the collar is too tight, which may result in allergy or severe irritation.

If the collar is too loose, it will spin around the neck freely. You will not be able to control the dog while walking with him.

Apart from a loose or tight issue, collar adjustment is significant to protect the dog’s skin from rashes. For proper fitting, try to adjust the collar strap to the dog’s neck while lifting the chin up. After changing the position, low the chin, and check the fitting.


Things to avoid while using the Dog Collar

After choosing the best dog collar size, it is vital to get the most out of it for your dog’s comfort. Take a look at the things you should avoid when using it.

Never use too tight collars because your dog may suffer breathing and other problems.

Don’t use chains like an electronics chain, hemp collars as they can hurt the dog.

Don’t pull hard as it can also hurt your dog.

Avoid punishments like hitting or yelling when dogs are too active because they should wear chains.



It is essential to check the space between the dog’s collar and its neck from time to time, especially when your pet is growing. Remember the rule of two-finger fit to buy the best dog collar for your pet. The more comfortable your dog is with the collar, the happier and healthy it will be. So, be wise and find the perfect collar for your dog’s neck.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many fingers should be between the dog’s neck and the collar?

A typical dog collar must be snug but not too tight. A rule named the Two Finger Rule is mostly used to measure the size between the dog’s neck and the collar. Take the pointer and middle fingers and then slide on between the dog’s collar and neck. When the fingers slide comfortably but feel snug, it means the collar size is perfect for your dog’s neck.

2. How tight does the dog collar need to be?

A flat collar must fit easily tight on the dog’s neck. A tight collar may result in choking the dog and losing the collar will help him to slip out of it. Remember the two-finger rule when fitting the collar in your dog’s neck. This is the perfect size for your dog’s neck.

3. Are collars uncomfortable for a dog?

A standard woven fabric collar is comfortable for your dog unless the collar is too tight. Most people use body harnesses while walking a dog. It affects the pulling pressure around the body instead of focusing on the dog neck as a collar would.