Top 5 Best Dog Collar for German Shepherd Reviews

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All dogs require a collar to get them under control. German shepherds are quite popular with their black and brown bodies and are seen all over the world by the police. German shepherds are a powerful breed of dogs, so you need specialized collars to control them. Your priority should be to choose the best collar for German Shepherds.

Some people prefer not to put a collar on their dogs, but be very careful. You have to buy a collar for your German Shepherd because it allows us to recognize it if it wanders off somewhere else. The hard thing is not to decide whether you should buy a collar or not. But it’s actually to find the right collar for your dog.

best collar for German shepherd


Best Dog Collar for German Shepherd Reviews

The market is filled with all kinds of different collars, but some might rub the skin off of your dog while others might break only after a week of use. We have worked on solving most people’s problems and come up with some of the best collars for a German Shepherd.

1. Olivery Heavy Duty Dog Martingale Braided Collar

OLIVERY Heavy Duty Dog Martingale Braided Collar

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The Olivery heavy-duty collar is the recommendation by most dog trainers. The collar is designed such that not to hurt your dog. It is made from a material that is very comfortable on the neck of the dog. It won’t rub off against the fur of the dog and cause it immense pain. The collar is self-adjusting, which means that it automatically adjusts itself.

This self-adjusting feature helps not to choke your dog on the collar. Some collars are harmful to dogs as they can choke the dogs. This collar is perfect for a German Shepherd neck size. It holds the dog very securely and tightly. The most important thing about a dog collar is its durability. If the cable and collar are made up of high-quality materials, then it will be able to hold the dog for longer.

The rope used is a climbing rope. These ropes are super strong and can hold a lot of weight because they are used for climbing. The cable includes nylon threads in it, which are braided several times over the rope to increase its overall strength. The collar also fits any kind of neck size. 

The collar comes with 360-degree rotatable cables, which are a huge thing. It allows you and the dog to move freely without getting tangled in the cables. Usually, a dog gets tangled in the cables when moving around, but this is not the case with this cable. It allows for the natural movement of the dog.

Olivery provides a lifetime guarantee of their product, and their first product is to ensure the safety of your pet. If you are choosing this cable, you should know that you are in safe hands.

Features & Specifications
  • Self-adjusting collar
  • Rotatable Connections
  • Top-Notch Quality Cable
  • Handmade Climbing Rope

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable collar
  • High durability
  • 360-degree movement
  • Tangle free
  • Collars are weak
  • No stretch in the collar
  • Weak leash handle

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2. PATPET Dog Training with Waterproof Remote Shock Collar

PATPET Dog Training with Waterproof Remote Shock Collar

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Traditional collars are also great for controlling your dogs, but nowadays, Shock Collars for German Shepherds are very popular. PatPet shock collar is one of the best shock collars in the market. It has different training modes present that are very reliable and important. 

There are 16 shock levels on this collar. These shocks are necessary for keeping a German Shepherd under control. This is one of the best e collars for German shepherds. The collar can fit a dog up to a neck size of 27″. The design of this collar is ergonomic. There are easy access buttons present, which help both the owner and the dog. In this way, the dog can learn the commands more quickly.

The best thing about these collars is that they come with a battery installed, and this collar has great battery life. If you charge the collar for 2 hours, you will get 56 days’ worth of battery life from it. The remote, when fully charged, also lasts for about 12 days. The standby time is impressive.

Both the remote and collar have a standby time that can reach up to months. This collar, combined with the remote is very versatile. The range on the remote is also impressive. You have a range of about 1000ft. It allows your dog to move freely anywhere it wants. This collar has all the features that you expect in an e collar.

The best thing about this collar is that it has a dual channel feature. If you have two dogs and want to train them both, then with remote and collar, you can simultaneously train them both. There is no need to carry a second remote. All of the above features make this collar a must-buy for most people. 

Features & Specifications
  • Training modes
  • Easy Access Buttons
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Long Range Remote

Pros & Cons

  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Dual-channel remote
  • The easily triggered shock button
  • Can burn the neck


3. Kong Reflective Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

KONG Reflective Premium Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

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There are a lot of collars out there, but Kong Reflective collar has one of the best German Shepherd neck size collars. They have a reputation for being strong and durable. This collar is no exception. It has been made up of a strong material that is comfortable and smooth for the dog.

Comfort is essential in a dog collar. You don’t want your dog to be suffocating inside the collar. The collar should have various sizes because different dogs have different neck sizes. There should be adjustability in the collar. If a dog is uncomfortable in a collar, then it’s a no-buy.

Kong has made this collar well, and there is one unique thing about this collar. They have added a neoprene layer to the collar, which makes it very comfy for the dog. The collar won’t rub against the neck of the dog. Most of the cheap collars usually cause damage to the dog by continually rubbing against the neck. 

The collar is sturdy and durable. The hinges in the collar should be strong because they are often the weak points in a collar. If a dog applies too much pressure, they break easily. But this collar has only one lock, and it is also made of plastic. You need to worry about it breaking anytime soon. The reflective material on the collar is also a nice thing to have. 

The safety of the dog is of extreme importance. Your first objective should be to care for your dog. When choosing a collar, be sure to keep this in mind. If a dog is uncomfortable in its collar, then it won’t obey you at all. You need to provide a comfortable environment for your dog. 

There are also some best e collars for German Shepherds, but if you want to stick to the simple collar, then Kong’s dog collar is the right choice. 

Features & Specifications
  • Reflective
  • Neoprene padding
  • Extra-wide

Pros & Cons

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Has various sizes
  • Cheap plastic
  • Not wide as advertised

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4. Herm Sprenger Ultra-Plus Prong Dog Training Collar

Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Dog Collar

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Herm Sprenger is known by many as the best collar for German Shepherds. It has an all-metal design. This gives the collar a premium look and feel. The design of a collar is really important because if done wrong, it can hurt the dog or the owner. Most cheaply made collars rub off against the dog’s neck and the dog gets hurt when he is constantly moving around.

The prong collar is steel-chrome plated. It increases the durability of the collar. You don’t want to buy a collar that just snaps off when you are in the park with your dog. As the German Shepherd neck size is different, this collar has different adjustable sizes. You can fit a 12″ neck in this collar. 

Herm Sprenger cares about the safety of the dog and the owner. They have made this collar such that it has safety ends for the safety of both the dog and the owner. The safety of the dog is of extreme importance, and you want to have a collar that is suitable for your dog.

This collar also has a pressure correction present. Some of the collars are tight, which might suffocate your dog while he is running around. The comfortability of the dog is the first thing to keep in mind. This collar, with its adjustable pressure, is a good thing to go for. You can easily adjust how much pressure you want to put on your dog.

This dog collar is the ultimate thing if you are looking for a non-shock collar. It has very good build quality. It has various size adjustments and also has pressure correction. Dog safety is the priority with this collar. This is the kind of collar that you need to buy. 

Features & Specifications
  • Steel-plated
  • Safety ends
  • Pressure correction

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality collar
  • Durable
  • Pressure can be adjusted
  • Sharp prongs
  • Poorly made


5. PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar (for Leash & Harness Training)

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

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PetSafe is known for making great quality collars for dogs. It is clear from the fact that most of the vet and professional trainers recommend this PetSafe collar. The quality of this collar is really a thing to admire. It has a simple design that works very well. The setup process is really simple and usually takes just a few minutes.

You have to put the collar in the dogs’ head and adjust the loop using the nose, and you are good to go. It is the perfect collar for the German Shepherd neck size. If your dog exhibits behaviors like excessive pulling or jumping, then this collar is designed to prevent sudden movements of your dog. 

Another good thing about this collar is the comfort fir that it provides. The comfort of the dog is most important, and it doesn’t make a sacrifice in that manner. The neoprene padding is present on the nose loop. It is such an important factor because it puts pressure on the neck of the dog, not the throat.

If a collar is not padded, then there is a chance that your dog might choke on the collar. The company also has a chew replacement policy. It goes as, if your dog starts chewing the harness, they will replace it for you. This whole process will be free of cost. This is a good strategy to attract customers. 

A dog collar is the best if it provides the owner and dog with a smooth and comfortable experience. The collar shouldn’t be too tight on the dog’s neck as if to inflict damage. PetSafe’s collar is one of the dog collars out there, as it fulfills all the requirements. It also has all the safety measures needed for the dog and the owner. 

Features & Specifications
  • Damage replacement
  • Adjustable nose
  • Solution for pulling

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to install
  • Can easily break
  • Cheap quality

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Dog Collar for German Shepherd – Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a collar for your German Shepherd, there are some features that you need to consider:

  • Durability
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort

1. Durability

It is one of the most important aspects of a collar. German shepherds are usually adventurous, they like to go out rough, and for that, you need a strong and durable collar. They will easily rip apart a weak collar. You can’t judge the durability of a collar unless you buy it. When buying a collar, make sure to buy the one that has nylon in it because it will be sturdier than the normal ones.

2. Adjustability

If you think that you have purchased the correct size collar for your dog, you might be wrong. Sometimes, the collar doesn’t fit properly on the neck of the dog. If you have a young German Shepherd like a puppy, then you should look for an adjustable collar. Even if the size doesn’t fit, you can adjust the collar to fit perfectly on the dog’s neck.

3. Comfort

One of the most important things in a dog collar is to get the most comfortable ones. The best dog collars for a German Shepherd are usually the ones that provide the most comfort to the dog. Roughly made collars can harm the neck of a dog, make sure to buy a collar with soft padding like neoprene.


There are also different types of collars:

  • Choke Chain Collar
  • Shock Collar

Choke Chain Collar:

These are the standard collars that you see people using with their dogs. They have a collar around the neck of the dog, and when you pull the chain, the pressure is applied on the throat, which gives them the signal to stop. These kinds of collars can sometimes be dangerous for dogs.

Shock Collar:

The shock collar is a controversial type. It is mostly used to keep the dogs from barking or if you want the dog to remain in a specific area. Shock collars are great for German Shepherd with aggressive behaviors.



1. What should be the collar size for an adult German Shepherd?

There are a lot of breeds of German Shepherd. If you have an adult German Shepherd, then you should be looking for a big collar. The neck size of an adult German Shepherd is usually between 18″ to 24″ wide. The best bet is to buy a large or an extra-large and make sure to buy an adjustable collar.

2. What should collar size be used for a puppy?

Same as adults, different breeds of German Shepherd puppies will have different head sizes. There are adjustable collars in the market that can be adjusted to fit the neck perfectly. You can also measure your puppy’s neck and then buy the exact size collar.

3. Is wearing a collar a legal requirement for my German Shepherd?

There is no official law on whether a German Shepherd should be kept in a collar or not. But when talking about public places, many prefer to keep them in the collar. As they can be very aggressive sometimes, so keeping them under control is necessary.

4. How do I know if the collar is uncomfortable or not?

The best way to know if your German Shepherd is comfortable or not in the collar is to check the neck for irritations. Some of the cheaply made collars usually tend to rub against the neck of the dog. This will put marks on the neck of the dog and will allow the owner to know the situation of the dog. 

5. Which is the best collar for my German Shepherd?

Patpet Dog Shock Collar is the Best collar for a German Shepherd. It has all the benefits of a regular collar but includes other features like shock and vibration. It comes with a battery that will last you a month. The range of the remote is also really far.



As there are so many collars in the market, finding the right one for your German Shepherd can get a little bit troublesome. You have to keep in mind a lot of things. Durability and comfort are two of the main things to consider. There are normal collars and then shock collars. You should be sure of what type of collar you want to use on your German Shepherd. You are fortunate as we have done the hard part for you and provided you with some of the best collars for a German Shepherd in the market available today. Now, it is up to you to figure out what kind of collar will be best for your German Shepherd.