Top 5 Cheap Dog Toys To Keep ‘Em Busy While You Vacuum

Vacuuming around the house and doing other chores are difficult when you have pets constantly running around and causing trouble.

You can always put them inside a cage, let them out on the backyard, or use an indoor gate to keep them still, but you can also be creative with your solution if you want to.

With these seven amazing cheap pet toys, you can keep your dogs busy and, at the same time, let them have fun while you finish doing your chores around the house.

Let’s discover the small pet toys that definitely help you if you want to vacuum your home.

Top 5 Cheap Dog Toys That Can Keep Your Pet Busy!

Before we really introduce to you the small toys that are suitable for your dog, it’s crucial to know that choosing a suitable pet hair vacuum especially when dealing with pet dander. This is because vacuum that designed for pet hair removal can be far more effective than a normal vacuum when you do the pet hairs cleaning.

1. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Every dog’s favorite game is fetch—there’s no contesting the fact. What’s good about the game is that you can use it to keep your dog away from your chores. You can trick your pets into going places far from where you’re cleaning.

If you have a friend who can help, fetch is also a good way to keep your pets outside the house while you tidy up.

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is one of the best cheap dog toys for fetch. It comes in different sizes that will suit different dog breeds. It is highly buoyant and bouncy, so you can use it in the backyard, inside the house, by the pool, etc.

In addition, its orange color and blue accent stripes are easy to spot, so your dog won’t miss it wherever it lands.

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2. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Toy

This snuggle puppy from SmartPetLove is a behavioral aid toy with a “Real Feel” technology that will keep your pet company and happy while you clean. With one set of AAA Alkaline batteries (included upon purchase), the toy replicates a heartbeat that will last for two weeks.

Aside from keeping your pet company while you finish your chores, this snuggle puppy will also eliminate any separation anxiety or loneliness that your pet may feel whenever you leave the house.

The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy comes in different colors: black, brown, white and pink. The package also has separate battery and heat packs provides warmth and comfort for your pet.

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3. Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

4. Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

Note: This toy is unavailable on Amazon now, hence we removed the link. 

If you have a chewer, Smart Pet’s Love Snuggle Puppy and both KONG’s Cozie squeaky tous and Wild Knots squeaky bear won’t last your pet long. You need a more durable toy that can endure a teething puppy’s craving for something to chew on.

This is where Nylabone’s Puppy Starter Kit comes handy. This kit comes with three chew toys – a chicken-flavored Puppy Bone for teething puppies, a chicken-flavored DuraChew for dogs developing their permanent teeth, and a bacon-flavored Healthy Edibles Bone that is totally edible for puppies that are at least 6 months old.

With this Puppy Starter Kit from Nylabone, you can prevent your pet from developing destructive and harmful chewing habits as its teeth develop. It will also guide your puppy through its different teething stages.

In addition, the chewing bones have raised bristles that help clean your pet’s teeth.

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4. KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

Squeaky toys are always a hit with dogs. They add fun to playtime and keep your pets entertained so you can do the vacuum cleaning without distractions.

KONG has come up with ten fun squeaky toy characters that you can choose from. The Cozie gang includes Marvin the Moose, Baily the Blue Dog, Ali the Alligator, Buster the Squirrel, Floppy the Rabbit, King the Purple-Haired Lion, and Spunky the Monkey.

All of these squeaky toys are made minimal filling to prevent mess and an extra layer of material for durability. These cute and cuddly plush toys can be used to play fetch, or to simply keep your pets company while you’re cleaning or away.

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5. KONG Wild Knots Squeaky Bear

Another great dog toy from KONG is Wild Knots, a squeaky plush bear that will entice your pets to have a great playtime. Like the Cozie gang, Wild Knots has minimal stuffing to avoid mess.

In addition, it is made from reinforced material that adds durability. However, if you have a chewer, you may consider other toys for your pet.

Wild Knots also has an internal knitted rope that makes the toy more lifelike for your dogs. Your pet will grow an attachment to Wild Knots within minutes. Snuggling has never looked cuter.

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Conclusion: Cheap Dog Toys Can Keep Your Pooch Busy

Vacuuming is a lot better (and quicker) if there’s no pesky pooch asking for your attention every 5 seconds. Get some of these cheap dog toys and chores will be a breeze!

Of course this is not a permanent solution because after some time your puppy may not like the toys anymore, so you have to change to another toy.

With minimum investment, you are able to do the house cleaning tasks while still can make your pet happy with their little toys.