How Long Does It Take for a Flea Collar to Work?

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We all know that there are high chances for pets to get fleas. Have you heard about the flea collars?? Flea collars are supreme for preventing and treating flea infestation in pets. Whether you are using flea drops, proper medication, or flea shampoo, the objective is to provide relaxation to the dogs.

There are many questions related to the flea collar. Like how do flea collars work? Is flea collar safe for dogs? How much effective are flea collar? In this article, you will get complete information about flea collar and all other necessary detail about it.

Some pets get fleas, but their owner doesn’t know about the symptoms. Different solutions are available for fleas. However, the thing is which one is more effective and quicker. These things depend on multiple factors that we cannot ignore. 

How long does it take for a flea collar to work

Why Pets Get Pleas?

Before we take a look at what is the cause,  this is the recommended flea and tick collar for dogs from Seresto

Let’s have a look at some crucial factors.

1. Consumption Methods

The way you use a dog collar significantly affects its results. Many pet owners do not read the instructions carefully, which leads to wrong outcomes. If you don’t want to become one of them, then first read the given instructions thoroughly.

For instance, if you make use of the non-waterproof collar in the water, then, of course, you are going to have a bad experience. It will severely affect the functionality and effectiveness of the collar.

The second important thing is your collar should perfectly fit the dog. Do you know why we are suggesting this?? Because some collars are designed in such a way that they need proper contact with the body for working. Improper fitting of the collar will lead to poor results. We know that no one wants to compromise on effectiveness so, take care of this thing.

2. Cleanliness

Do you always love to keep yourself clean?

Yes, then why not your pet??

Most of the time, the dog collar does not work correctly because of the reinfection. If you want to keep fleas away from your dog, then it should be your first preference.

It might be possible that you are using the best brand collar for your dog. You are also using it appropriately but still not getting effective results. This is because you are not keeping your pet clean. You can use suitable shampoo or soap for the cleanliness of your dog.

At your place, you can use sprinkle baking powder to avoid fleas on the carpet. Moreover, you should always vacuum your floors.


Have you checked the brand and the product that you are going to buy for your dog??

Yes, it is essential. When you are planning to buy a flea & tick collar for your dog, first check whether this product belongs to a reputable brand.

If you choose a famous brand product, they will provide you effective results within a few weeks depending upon the condition. However, if you want a cheap brand just to save your money, then soon you will be in trouble.

The ingredients that the brand chooses to make the flea collar plays a very crucial role. The parts must be effective yet safe for the pet. Moreover, the product such be composed of components that stop further growth like eggs, larvae of the flea. Check out this botanical flea and ticks collar from Arava.


Top 5 Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

The following are a list of the best flea and tick collar for dogs:

Seresto (Large dog)
  • Protection: 8 months
  • Fits neck size: 10-23 inches
  • Kills: Fleas, ticks, lice
Seresto (Small dog)
  • Protection: 8 months
  • Fits neck size: 4-11.75 inches
  • Kills: Fleas, ticks, lice
Sobaken (Large & small dog)
  • Protection: 8 months
  • Fits neck size: up to 25 inches
  • Kills: Fleas, ticks, lice
Parenda (Small dog)
  • Protection: 8 months
  • Fits neck size: up to 14.96 inches
  • Kills: Fleas, ticks, lice
Hartz UltraGuard Plus
  • Protection: 7 months
  • Fits neck size: up to 22 inches
  • Kills: Fleas, ticks


How Do Flea Collars Work?

A flea collar releases the chemical on the skin or fur of the animal that helps in killing and avoidance of fleas. These chemicals will wait and kill every possible insect present in the body of the pet.

These flea collars mostly protect the dog from fleas for almost seven months.

However, the duration depends on what type of collar you are using, what is the condition of your pet, and other factors.

One important thing that you should know is the flea collars do not release the chemical at once. They wait and slowly release the chemical to kill the fleas.

Different flea collars are available in the market.

For example, if you have a baby pet, then you will need a less effective flea collar for the same level of protection.


The old flea collars work by releasing the ingredients having a strong smell. This smell helps in killing the fleas.

However, in the new version of flea collars, they work on the basis of the active release of ingredients. The chemical is released by the flea collar. When any flea comes in contact with this chemical, they get killed. This process continues in the same manner until the collar stops working and needs to be replaced.

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Do Flea Collars are Really Functional?

Yes, it is. They are specially designed for this purpose. However, flea collars may vary in working. For instance, some flea collars only kill the young fleas while others provide fruitful results in killing the adult fleas. Some collars are specifically designed to repel the fleas while others repel as well as kill fleas. You must know what flea collar you need to buy.

If you are thinking of buying a specific flea collar and have doubts about its working and functionality, then you can check the reviews of the product. You can either check about it on websites or you can also contact the pet owner who has already experienced the collar.

Proper fitting of collar:

As we have already mentioned, the appropriate fitting of the collar is mandatory for effectiveness. If you fit it correctly according to the instructions given, then it becomes easy for the collar to protect your dog from fleas. If you want to get maximum results from the collar, then fit it properly.

For this purpose, the thing that can help you is the instructions provided by the company. Secondly, you should also know about some tips and tricks for fitting the collar.

For example, if you want guidance in this regard, you can read the label given on the product. If you fit the collar improperly, it may cause some intrusion for your pet while eating or chewing. Another crucial point is that you need to replace the collar from your pet according to the suggestions of the company. Moreover, if your dog is in a growing stage, then you should regularly check the fitness of the collar.

Different owners of pets have different preferences. For instance, one person may prefer the flea collar that is long-lasting, some prefer economical collar, and while others mostly use the easy to apply flea collars.

Essential Functions of the collars:

How long does it take for a flea collar to work

The newly developed flea collars kill as well as prevent flea infestation.

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The two primary tasks of flea collar are:


The collar releases the active ingredients to the layer of the pet’s skin. These ingredients disperse through the skin’s oil. When the flea comes in contact with the chemical, they get killed. The flea doesn’t need to bite the pet in this case. If we talk about the previous collars, then they necessarily require the flea to bite the pet.


The ingredients used in the collar release a string gas that helps in the prevention of fleas.


  • If you are taking your pet to the place where you think there are high chances of flea infestation, then you can use the collar for this specific time only. In other words, use the collar on your pet when required, otherwise, remove it.
  • There is no need to put the collar on your dog if there is no need. It means no need to over medicates your pet. This is because over medication can cause serious adverse effects to your pet.
  • If you are removing the collar and also want to use it next time. Then the vital thing you should know is to keep the collar in an airtight bag so that it can give useful results next time as well.


Are Flea Collars Safe for Dogs?

Flea collars are present between us for many years. People trust flea collars because of their features and the results they provide. A flea collar is considered the oldest and effective method to prevent flea infestation in pets. This method is safe, secure, effective, and helpful in avoiding fleas.

Nowadays, different methods are available that helps in killing and preventing flea infestation like oral tablets, spot-on treatments. However, the flea collars lie above all.

The flea collar releases a chemical that is beneficial in killing the flea. The chemical is released at the neck and upper back portion of the pet body. These ingredients are very useful for removing the flea from the neck and head portions. Most of the flea is present in this area, and the flea present here is most irritating.

One important thing is, not all flea collars release the chemical. Some flea collars use ultrasonic, herbal, gas to kill the flea.

Side effects:

The side effects caused by the flea collar are very few.

Some of the side effects are hair loss, redness of the skin, bad scratching, and others. These symptoms become visible within 12 to 48 hours.

One thing that everyone should know is that some dogs do have sensitive skin. Just like we humans cannot apply for every medicine on our skin because of the sensitivity. Likewise, different dogs have sensitive skin. So, you must be careful while using any medication for your dog.

When you are applying the flea infestation treatment to your dog. You must first check whether this treatment suits your pet or not. It is possible that one pet gets a bad response with flea collars while others don’t. This is because every pet is different in size, breed, age, etc. There are two types of treatments that you can apply to dogs having sensitive skin. One is named as a topical treatment, and the other is an oral treatment.

A flea collar can cause harm:

No doubt, a flea collar is the best way to avoid and kill flea infestation in dogs.

However, these collars could be harmful to both humans and pets.

The chemicals used in flea collars are transferable. Like, your pet is setting on furniture, then the chemical is also transferred to it. These chemicals are harmful, especially for babies and pregnant ladies.

If we talk about pets, then some flea collars cause seizures and chemical burns. If the flea collar is overused or misused, then it may cause the death of pets. In other words, flea collars are fatal to pets if not used properly. The chemicals released by the collar may also cause severe allergic reactions.

So, before choosing a flea collar for your pet take the help of the specialist or the person that has already used the flea collar. In such a way, you can choose the best available flea collar that is good for you, your family, and as well as for pets.


How Effective are Flea Collars?

Both yes and no. If you have ever used the flea collar, then you might know the answer already.

The flea collar will provide fruitful and productive results if and only if you are using it correctly. If you take off the flea collar for a long time, then it will not work properly when you use it again. Likewise, if the flea collar is non-waterproof and you are using it in water, then it is not going to provide you good results. If you want to get maximum results from the flea collar, then first read and follow the given instructions properly.

You need to check one important thing. Some fleas get immune to the flea collar chemical then there will be not affected by this collar. Moreover, if the fleas get away from the collar, then the collar will not be able to destroy or repel them.

Benefits of the flea collar:

Some flea collars last for eight months instead of just one or two months.

Flea collars cost less as compare to other flea infestation control methods available.

Flea collars also help in the prevention of the fleas in your home.

The flea collar method is straightforward and easy as compare to other hassle ways.

And such other.

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1. Why should we use the flea collar for dogs?

Flea collars are considered as best to fight against flea infestation. One important thing, every flea collar is not best for every dog or any other pet. A flea collar is more beneficial for those pets who spend most of their time outdoors. More advanced and effective flea collars are being developed for the protection of pets against flea infestation.

2. Can a pet wear a flea collar while swimming?

Most of the flea collars are water-resistant. However, if you are using a flea collar for your pet that is not water-resistant, then you should take it off before going swimming. This is because if you are taking the non-waterproof collar in the water, the collar may lose its effectiveness and functionality. Furthermore, some chemicals used in flea collars are toxic to the fish. So, it is better to avoid such things.

3. When should you change the flea collar?

We highly suggest everyone change the flea collar according to the manufacture’s direction. As they know very well about the components, they have used and when there is a need to change them.

4. What is the proper way to wear the flea collar?

The best answer to this question is to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. However, there are some other things that you should consider. For example, the flea collar should fit perfectly around the neck of the dog. However, it should not be very tight. At least there should be a distance of two fingers. If the length of the collar is large, then you should cut it off and dispose of it immediately. If you have children at home, make sure they do not come in contact with the collar.

If you have a baby pet at home and it is a growing age, then you should regularly check the fitness of the collar. Moreover, you should change the collar according to the description provided. It is better to replace the flea collar before it gets expired.

5. How long does it take for a flea collar to work?

The active ingredients released by the flea collars will be released in 24 hours and kill the fleas in 3 weeks. The collar will discharge the flea repellent for the next 5-8 months. The answer to this question may vary according to the type of flea collar, brand, and condition of your pet.

6. Which one is better flea collar or flea drops?

Flea drops and flea collars both have advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the flea collar is easy and straightforward to apply. They are not very expensive and can be used for almost 8 months. However, some toxic flea collars may cause damage to your family or even to pets. They take more time to provide excellent results as compare to flea drops.

On the other side, the flea drops act fast. They provide results in 30 minutes. These flea drops are usually non-toxic and safe to use. However, some pets may get adverse side effects by using the flea drops such as vomiting, stomachache, and others. Moreover, these are more expensive as compare to flea-collars.

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How to treat the burns of flea collars in dogs?

If your dog has a minor flea collar burn, then you can follow these steps to deal with it.

  • Take off the flea collar.
  • Use a wet and warm towel to clean the skin. Dry the skin thoroughly.
  • After the skin is completely dried now apply the witch hazel extract.
  • Then apply the coconut oil,
  • Repeat this procedure until the skin of your pet gets normal.

What if children chew or bite the flea collar?

If your children accidentally chew the flea collar, then immediately call the poison information center for help. Tell them clearly which flea collar you are using so that they can provide you the best treatment accordingly.



Through this article, you will get all the required information about the flea collar, its side effects, working, and much more. There is no doubt in this thing that flea collars help in dealing with flea infestation.

However, while using the flea collar, you must take some precautionary measures. Otherwise, your family and pet may have to face some serious problems. If you have any questions related to flea collars, you can ask about them in the comment below.

We will try to give you a response as soon as possible. We hope you find this article informative. Thank you for reading.