10 Best Inflatable Dog Collar Reviews

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If you want to buy an inflatable dog collar which is comfortable for your dog and provides all of the basic features of a regular collar, then the list we have provided below contains some of the best products in the market available and whichever one you choose is going to serve you well.

Dogs also have a wide variation of size, weight, height, and skin. Hence, not all training collars are effective for all dogs. It is a decision that requires due consideration on your part. In addition to the quality and comfort of your dog, you need to choose the collar with the right signal strength to ensure that it will be effective for your dog.

The products that we recommend below can serve different types of dogs and it’s suggested you read the review carefully to ensure you get the best collar that best suits your dog. 


Best Inflatable Dog Collar Reviews

1. BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Dog Collar

The dog collar by BENCMATE is one of the best scratch-resistant and bite inflatable-proof collars in the market right now. Being an inflatable collar, it will protect your dog from all kinds of injuries and other wounds.

The inflatable collars are better than regular collars because they provide the dog with comfort and other benefits. 

If your dog has an inflatable collar, then he will not be able to lick his wounds, as most of the dogs tend to exhibit this behavior.

This helps in the recovery process from the injuries. The best thing about this inflatable collar is that it is comfortable for the dog. Your dog should be able to do everything normally while wearing this collar. 

It shouldn’t block his vision or his eating process. Another advantage of this collar is that being inflatable, it can be easily deflated, and then you can store it anywhere. It is a compact collar once deflated and shouldn’t take that much space. There is also a zipper on the side so that you can easily clean the outside cloth once it gets dirty.

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As most of the dogs have different neck sizes, this dog collar has adjustability in it. It means that you can adjust the collar according to the neck size of the dog. You can perfectly fit the collar on your dog’s neck, and you can also move the strap onto the backside so that the dog doesn’t bite it off.

When buying an inflatable dog collar, most people are looking for extended durability, and you will be glad to know that this dog collar is premium made and can also be easily washed. The material also doesn’t leave marks on your furniture. You can also put your standard dog collar inside the inflatable one to get more stabilization. 

inflatable dog collar reviews

There are a lot of inflatable dog collar reviews online, and the BENCHMATE collar has some of the most positive reviews, and this is why it be recommended to anyone looking for an excellent inflatable dog collar.




Features & Specifications

  • Scratch Resistance 
  • Bite Resistance
  • Easy Storage
  • Adjustable

Pros & Cons

  • The collar doesn’t leave marks on furniture
  • The dog cannot bite it off
  • Can be easily stores
  • It can be adjusted easily
  • Start losing air
  • The strap can break easily


2. E-KONG Protective Inflatable Collar

E-KONG Protective Inflatable Collar

The design of this collar is to make sure the comfortability of the dog, as it is the main reason for getting this collar. The collar should make the dog comfortable and shouldn’t disturb any of its daily actions like sleeping, drinking, or running around. The collar is made from such material, which doesn’t harm the dog in any way possible.

Some materials might affect a dog’s skin, but this isn’t the case with this inflatable collar. Dog collars after surgery are used pretty rarely, but this one can be used in these types of situations. It will stop the dog from licking its wounds because it can result is getting more infections.

When the dog has the inflated collar on, it will not be able to block its vision so that the dog can easily eat and drink.

The collar is easy to store because you can deflate it easily by getting all of the air out. The collar and the airbag are separated with the help of a zipper. It is a good decision because you can easily get the airbag out and wash out the outer cloth of the collar.

The collar also has adjustability features and can easily fit the neck size of any dog with a good fit. There is a strap that is used for this purpose.

The collar has been made soft so that to provide relaxation to the dog. This collar shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine as it will affect the outer cloth.

This dog collar is perfect for the larger dog breeds and can easily fit on their necks.

All of the features make this one of the best inflatable collars on the market.

Features & Specifications

  • Wound Protection
  • Comfort
  • Washable Cloth
  • Easy Storage

Pros & Cons

  • The collar can be easily deflated
  • Easy adjustability of the collar
  • The outer cloth can be washed
  • The soft material has been used
  • Not suitable for long dogs



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3. ZenPet Pro Collar Comfy Pet E-Collar for Dogs

ZenPet Pro Collar Comfy Pet E-Collar for Dogs

This is one of the best cones for the dog after surgery.

The material of the cone is very comfortable so that the dog doesn’t feel stuck in the collar.

The collar serves its purpose of providing comfort and ease to the dog. The material is also washable. You can wash the outer cloth after removing the airbag.

People don’t like to have collars that can’t be cleaned properly, but this one can be fully cleaned, which is a good feature. As the collar is inflatable, it means that it also can be deflated, and once deflated, you can easily store it in any location you want. This is one of the biggest benefits of inflatable collars. The collar is also quite durable and strong.

The outer material is made up of canvas material that ensures that the overall build of the collar remains durable, and the dog can’t bite the material. The collar is also scratch-resistant and doesn’t leave marks on any kind of furniture like tables.

The inflation process is quite easy. You have to blow on the valve, and the collar will start getting air. 

The collar won’t be a hindrance to the daily operation of your dog. It can continue to eat, drink, and normally sleep, as the collar won’t be becoming a hurdle in the way of the dog.

There are also various sizes available for this collar. You shouldn’t find trouble in finding the best size for your dog. ZenPet inflatable dog collar reviews are extremely positive, and people seem to like the overall product.

Features & Specifications

  • Durable
  • Easy Inflation
  • Comfortable
  • Various Sizes Available

Pros & Cons

  • Durable material used
  • The collar can easily be inflated and deflated
  • Comfortable for the dog
  • Strap to adjust according to neck size
  • Doesn’t keep the dog from licking the wounds


4. SCENEREAL Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

SCENEREAL Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

Being light and comfortable is what all dog collars should aim for, and SCENEREAL’s inflatable collar is the one to consider in this regard.

The outer material of the collar is soft and comfortable, made out of cotton fabric. The collar provides comfort to the dog while not hindering the vision or the sleeping routines of the dog. 

The dog is able to perform its functions normally while wearing the collar. The main reason for buying an inflatable collar is to prevent the dog from licking its wounds, which might result in further inflammation.

There is an air valve on the collar which can be used to get all of the air out of the collar. This will make the collar quite small and then can easily be stored in any place.

The strap is also adjustable, which is a very important feature to have. It will help us in adjusting the collar to match the dog’s neck size so that it can fit properly.

There are a total of three sizes available for the dog collar. You shouldn’t find any trouble in finding the correct one for your dog.

The inflatable dog collar reviews are quite positive, and buying this will be a good decision.

Features & Specifications

  • Various Sizes
  • Easy to Wear
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

Pros & Cons

  • Doesn’t hinder the dog’s daily operations
  • Cannot be scratched
  • Strap is adjustable
  • Low Quality


5. E-KOMG Dog Cone After Surgery, Protective Inflatable Collar

E-KOMG Dog Cone After Surgery, Protective Inflatable Collar

This is one of the most protective inflatable collars. The overall build of the collar is very comfortable because the materials used are very soft. This collar doesn’t hinder the daily routine of the dog while he is eating, drinking, or sleeping. It is only to provide comfort to the dog. 

This inflatable cone for dogs after surgery is quite heavily used because it stops the dog from licking his own wounds, which might result in swelling in the injured area of the dog. This collar will prevent the dog from doing that and keep it healthy.

Dogs are known to bite things in front of them, but this collar is made such that it doesn’t get affected by bites and scratches. It is resistant to both of these things. 

You can easily store the collar after you have deflated it. The adjustability of this collar is also another huge feature because not all dogs have the same neck size. Some large dogs need bigger straps in order to get a good fit. The inner of this collar can be adjusted to fit any size of the neck. The material is also washable so it can be washed after it gets dirty.

Features & Specifications

  • Easy Storage
  • Durable
  • Bite Resistant
  • Comfortable

Pros & Cons

  • It is scratch-resistant
  • Can be easily stored
  • Easily be inflated
  • Adjustability
  • A dog can easily reach its stitches


6. Pet Link Inflatable Dog Collar

Pet Link Inflatable Dog Collar

If you look at online reviews, then these inflatable collar reviews are one the most highly rated ones.

This collar is designed in such a way as to prevent any type of injury to the dog. If your dog has suffered from any injury, then this collar will prevent it from scratching or licking its injury spot, which can get swollen as a result. 

The comfort of the dog is the first and foremost thing that everyone aims for, and the same is the case with this dog collar. The materials used in this collar are extremely comfortable for the dog. This comfortable dog cone allows it to eat, drink, and sleep without any trouble. 

The adjustability of a collar is extremely important, and this one also has a strap with which we can adjust the collar on the dog’s neck. Some dogs have large necks while others have smaller necks, and this strap is the perfect way to get the best fit out of your collar.

The overall quality of the collar is excellent as the aim of the company is to provide comfort to the dog. This company also gives a refund if you don’t like their product.

Features & Specifications

  • Adjustable Strap
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Comfortable
  • Easy Storage

Pros & Cons

  • Can be adjusted via a strap
  • Can deflate easily
  • Comfortable materials used
  • Can break easily


7. YFFSUN Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs

YFFSUN Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs

YFFSUN has created one of the most comfortable dog cones. The materials used are very soft so that it doesn’t feel hard on the neck of the dog.

The dog should be able to wear it quite comfortably. It also shouldn’t hinder the dog’s eating, drinking, or sleeping process.

The collar is also bite-resistant and scratch-resistant because dogs are known to randomly bite stuff.

The collar also protects the dog from injuries and is also one of the best dog collars after surgery. It will prevent the dog from reaching its wounds because dogs tend to lick their wounds, which can cause further problems for the dog.

The dog collar is made from a soft material and is not able to scratch any kind of furniture. There is also a place for an inner collar inside the inflatable one so that you can get extra stability. You can easily deflate the collar and then store it somewhere.

The deflation makes the size of the collar very small and can be easily stored anywhere.

Inflatable dog collar reviews of this product are highly positive, and most customers recommend buying this one.

Features & Specifications

  • Comfortable
  • Adjustability
  • Soft 
  • Easy to Use

Pros & Cons

  • The collar is bite resistant
  • It can be adjusted
  • Comfortable for the dog
  • Doesn’t stop the dog from licking the feet


8. ProCollar Protective Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

ProCollar Protective Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

This is one of the most comfortable dog cones out there. As comfort is the main focusing point of most companies.

The ProCollar provides the most comfort of any collar in the market. It has been designed in such a way to provide protection against injuries. If your dog has the collar on, then it won’t be able to lick its wound, which will help in faster recovery.

The collar doesn’t hinder the dog’s vision, and the dog can easily eat and drink. The cone shape of the collar is quite comforting and relaxing.

The fabric material makes it soft and easy to wear.

The collar is tight enough so that the dogs can’t get their paws into the collar and break it somehow. 

It is important for a collar so that it can be easily deflated. After that, we can easily store it anywhere we want. You can easily clean the outer cloth if you take out the airbag. Considering all of the overall features that this collar is providing, it will be the most suitable choice for most people. 

Features & Specifications

  • Premium Protection
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Patented Design
  • Scratch Resistant

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable
  • Soft Material
  • Easy to Store
  • Not Durable


9. MIDOG Pet Inflatable Collar

 MIDOG Pet Inflatable Collar

The MIDOG has some of the most positive remarks in Inflatable dog collar reviews.

The design of the collar is made such that it fits the neck of the dog perfectly.

There are various sizes available so that any type of dog can get a proper fit. This collar also ensures protection against injuries and any other types of accidents.

The collar doesn’t hinder the dog’s vision, which is very important. It also stops the dog from licking his wound because it will result in the inflammation of the wound.

The company’s aim is to provide the dog with the most comfort possible. 

The cone is very comfortable and made so that the dog’s hair won’t stick to the surface of the collar. Because of the PVC material, it is really easy to clean.

The strap of the collar is also adjustable.

The inflatable design makes the collar deflate easily, which will help in the cleaning process of the collar. 

If the inflatable collar is very large for your dog, then you can do put a normal collar on your dog. Then you should put the inflatable collar, and it should be able to fit perfectly on the dog. 

Features & Specifications

  • Perfect Design
  • Faster Injury Recovery
  • Adjustable Strap

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to wear
  • Washable
  • Various Sizes
  • Collar is heavy


10. KONG Cloud E-Collar for Cats and Dogs

KONG Cloud E-Collar for Cats and Dogs

The KONG collar has a simple but comfortable design, which is really good for the dog.

The materials used for the making of the collar are very soft and provide a comfy feeling to the dog. It is one of the best cones for dogs after surgery. As the dog has injuries, this cone will prevent the dog from licking his injured area.

If the dog keeps licking the wound, it could get inflammation. So, to avoid this inflatable collars are used which stop the dog from doing this action.

The fabric used is also very tough and will not tear if the dogs start biting the collar. 

Cleanliness is very important, and you can easily clean the collar in a washing machine. As the collar comes with a soft material, it cannot scratch the surface of any furniture.

The company has thought about everything and has worked hard to provide its customers with the best product possible. 

Different dogs have varying levels of neck sizes, and it is vital for the collar to fit in the dog’s neck correctly.

This collar has a strap that can be used to adjust the fit of the collar on the neck of the dog. Once the strap is set, the collar isn’t going anywhere. 

Features & Specifications

  • Washable
  • Tough Fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Non-Scratchable

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to wash
  • Very comfy
  • Soft fabric
  • Not suitable for big dogs



1. Can my dog sleep with the collar on?

Yes, your dog can sleep while wearing an inflatable dog collar because of the comfortable dog collar cone.

2. When should I remove the inflatable collar?

It totally depends upon the type of injury your dog has gotten. If the dog’s wounds have recovered, then you should stop using the inflatable collar.

3. Can my dog eat while wearing the inflatable collar?

Yes, the inflatable collars are made so that your dog can carry out his regular activities of eating, drinking, and sleeping.

4. How can I find the best inflatable dog collar?

You have to check out the one which has the most positive inflatable dog collar reviews. As most people would have used it, you will get a better understanding of whether the product is right or not.

5. How does an inflatable collar work?

Inflatable collars are higher than standard collars and have air inside of them. The air allows the collar to prevent the dog from reaching the wounded area so that they cannot lick it anymore. They are used after the dog has suffered an injury.



Technology has progressed quite a lot, and different companies have come up with unique ways to promote their products and be the best in the business. Inflatable collars for dogs are the best way to keep your dog in control after an injury. The most important benefit of the collar is that it is stopping the dog from licking the wound.

They can also be deflated, which makes them easy to store in any location. The fabrics used in making these collars are usually bitten and scratch-resistant. In order to find the best collar, you should look for the best inflatable dog collar reviews