Pet Dryer Box Info: Why, What and How?

Last Updated on June 17, 2022 Ashley Camelia

The purpose of a pet dryer box or pet dryer machine is similar to the hair dryer you use for your own hair. But, it’s designed for pet use so some of the features are different to suit the specific needs of your pets.

A pet dryer box is a smart invention made so pet owners can dry their pets off after bath time. In the world of pet accessories, it is one of the most innovative and useful ones we know of. Life certainly is easier for pet owners who own a good dog blow dryer machine.

An invention to stop your pooch from showering you with water the moment it gets out of the water – sorry to say we are still waiting for some genius to invent that. But if you are fast enough you can get your dog out of the water, towel-dried, and under the dog dryer pronto.

Pet dryer box

Why Using a Pet Dryer Box?

A hair dryer is the quickest way to get your pets dried completely and thoroughly. You can use a towel to dry your dog but it won’t be totally dry. It also takes a long time and you end up with a lot of laundries to take care of.

Also, a dog dryer box will give your dog’s coat a tidy and neat appearance. It will also help untangle any knots that may be starting to form in the fur. A dog hair dryer gives your dog a groomed and fresh appearance that just can’t be achieved with towel drying.

Using a dog blow dryer helps get the loose hair off your dog’s coat making it healthier and more beautiful-looking. You can use a brush in one hand while holding the dryer in the other hand and groom your dog while you are drying it to remove all the unwanted hair. This will make your dog’s coat healthier and it will feel more comfortable.

Also, all that fur won’t be falling off around your house and on your furniture if you remove it in one hair drying session.

Any time you spend with your dog is a bonding time. Your pet feels wanted and enjoys the attention it gets during grooming. So taking the time to use the hair dryer is in some ways a benefit to your pet’s mental health and wellbeing. Emotionally you are giving your pet some care and affection and as you know your dog can’t get enough!


What Might Happen If You Don’t Use A Pet Dryer?

If you don’t use a pet dryer box you will probably be using the old-fashion method of a towel. Or you might even just let your dog run around outdoors to dry off but we recommend you always dry your dog as well as possible after a bath.

If you towel dries your dog, which by the way is a lot of work, it will never be completely dry. Your dog will then roll around or settle for sleep.

  • If that happens indoors the wet dog smell can be transferred to your furniture, flooring, or whatever surface your dog is lounging on. That smell isn’t so fragrant and can linger for a long time.

If you don’t use a pet hair dryer your dog can catch a chill and get sick. It’s not common, but possible. If you live in a cold climate it’s more vital to have a dog dryer. Also during the winter months, there is a higher risk of illness from a chill if it’s not dried properly.

  • Pneumonia could occur in extreme weather conditions or if your dog has a low immune system and is prone to illness.
  • Fungal infections can also occur if your dog is left wet often and for too long.

Your dog will feel cold and unhappy if it’s left in a wet state after a bath. If you get caught in the rain or fall in a lake and have to endure wearing wet clothes you will know the feeling is uncomfortable.

  • Your dog could be expected to feel a similar sensation of discomfort if it’s washed and left in a wet state.

If you don’t dry your dog it can get water droplets on your carpets and furniture. It won’t be a lot and will dry off quickly but if you have some expensive luxury Turkish rug as part of your home interior you might rethink not drying your dog.

You want your dog to be totally dry. If you run your fingers through its coat you shouldn’t feel any trace of moisture. Apart from a fresh-smelling canine, you shouldn’t be able to tell your dog recently exited the bath.

best dog hair dryers

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Pet Dryer Box Vs. Dog Hair Dryer

The dog hair dryer was in the market for a long time and many pet owners have already gotten used to it. The pet dryer box is a newer technology invented to help you dry your pet hair easier and faster. It’s good for small cats and dogs like Teddies, Corgis, Pomeranians, etc.

  • Automatic Vs. manual

The pet dryer box is fully automated and you just need to press the buttons to get the machine running while in the dog hair dryer you need to manually do the drying job.

  • Noise

This depends on the individual design but generally, the pet dryer box is less noisy compared to the dog hair dryer. 

  • Drying speed

The pet dryer box offers 360-degree air circulation so it can quickly dry the pet hair. On the other hand, some dog hair dryers with salon-grade blowouts can dry the hair much faster.

  • Where to put it?

While a pet dryer box can put inside your dog house area, you also need to keep the area tidy and normally pet owners use the dog hair dryer in the outdoor area.

  • Suitable for who?

If you are a pet shop, pet hospital, etc. or you have several small dogs and cats, then getting a pet dryer box is ideal to save your time. For large dog owners, you better get a dog hair dryer.

  • Pet size

With a dog hair dryer, there is no limit on the dog size that you can use. However, the dryer box is more suitable for smaller dogs and cats.

  • Price

The dryer box is way more expensive as they also offer extra features that a dog hair dryer cannot provide. Usually, the pet dryer box is more than $300.

Pet Dryer Box Vs Dog Hair Dryer


How to Use the Pet Dryer Box?

Before you really use the machine, it’s advised that you a towel to dry your dog/cat after bathing. This can quickly remove the excess water on your pet’s body. The following are just the general steps on how to use the portable pet dryer box:

Step 1: Turn on the machine by pressing the ON button.

Step 2: Adjust the duration to dry the pet hairs. You can set it between 20-50 minutes.

Step 3: Set the temperature usually can be set between 30 – 40 degrees Celsius.

Step 4: You also can set the fan speed before hitting the Start button.

Of course, you also can check out the machine user manual to better know how to use the dryer box and any safety precautions that you need to be aware of. Watch the video below to get more details info on how to use the dryer box.

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How to Use the Dog Hair Dryer?

Step 1: Put your dog on a towel on a flat surface in the standing position. Make sure you have plenty of space so your dog doesn’t fall off the table if it jumps or makes sudden movements. Make sure your dog can’t bite the electrical cord or hose. Always keep your eyes on your dog when using the pet dryer machine.

Step 2: Use a towel to dry your dog to remove excess water. Don’t forget those tricky areas like behind the ears.

Step 3: Have some treats on hand in case your dog gets impatient.

Step 4: Start at the top and work your way along the dog’s body.

Step 5: Use a brush while drying to remove loose hair.

Step 6: Use a straight motion (not circular) along the dog’s body. Circular movements will create curls and can lead to tangles so should be avoided unless you are aiming for a curly look.

Step 7: Make sure you put the nozzle as close to the skin as possible to completely dry the hair.

Step 8: Dry your dog’s fur off completely.

If it’s your first time using a dog hair dryer with the brush you can watch a video on YouTube to get a visual idea of how easy it is to use a dryer. It helps to see a video so you can see how your dog might react and also the motions to use when using the dryer for maximum speed drying and efficiency.

Another way to get a hands-on demonstration is to take your pet to a professional pet grooming service and ask to watch them groom your dog. Some pros use harnesses to hold the dog still and other fancy accessories but you will be able to see a pet dryer in action and also get an insight into how your dog reacts to the dryer if it’s a new experience.

Here is the step-by-step guide to putting harnesses on dogs before drying their hair.



So you can see there are some advantages as well as disadvantages to buying a pet dryer box to use after you wash your dog. It makes the grooming routine much faster and easier and is good for your small pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

Also, your pets will smell lovely and look gorgeous with a clean, glossy coat. Of course, it won’t be long until your pooch is rolling around in the garden and getting smelly again. It always seems to be bath time when you own a pet, especially a dog!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use a human hair dryer for pets?

Not recommended. There are some differences between them. For example, the heat settings are much lower (or some only use cool air) because the heat can damage your dog’s hair and skin if it’s too high. It can also cause discomfort or pain if the air is too hot.

The airspeed on pet hair dryers tends to be more powerful than hair dryers used by humans. So you can still get your dog dry and styled quickly and efficiently. Dogs are not the most patient creatures so getting this dog done as quickly as possible is a major goal.

2. How can I get my dog to like the pet dryer machine?

Getting your pooch used to the hair dryer is a slow and tricky process, but if you can start early, then your pup won’t take much time. Initially, they won’t like the sound and hot blow from the dryer, but if you go slow, then they will gradually get used to it.

3. Why are dogs afraid of hair dryers?

Most dogs carry a primal instinct of getting afraid of unknown devices.  So a hair dryer with hot air and whirly noise will obviously scare them. However, if you slowly introduce the dryer early and regularly offer reassurance, then they would gradually lose the fear.

4. How can I dry my dog fast?

Using a high-force dryer is probably the quickest way to dry the fur of your pooch. If you use the dryer box, you can increase the temperature and air to make it run higher speed. You can even utilize towel wrapping or cotton cloth absorbing techniques to dry their coat swiftly.