Best Muzzle for Pitbulls Reviews & Buying Guide of 2022

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Pitbull has a bad reputation for being a ferocious dog who is always protective of their home and parents. Even though they are gentle and friendly dogs, but numerous cases of biting have given them a bad name in society.

Being bred mostly as a fighting dog and livestock protector, pitbull inherited rowdy characteristics. The disreputable trend of uncontrolled breeding in the past has also lead to bad temperaments in many Pitbulls.

So as a parent, you need to be cautious when you take them out. A muzzle would be a great choice to curb their overprotective nature and fighting instinct and will facilitate happy outdoor sessions. So here we present to you some of the best muzzle for Pitbulls.

For your convenience, you can go through our comparison table that will give you a brief idea about all the best muzzles for Pitbull we have added. It will not only assist you in narrowing down your choices but will also allow you to find out which one will be better for your brawny pup.

Best Muzzle for Pitbulls Reviews

The 5 Best Muzzle for Pitbulls – Review & Buying Guide

CollarDirect Leather Black
  • Ingredients: Leather
  • Length of dog's snout: 3"
  • Perfect for: Walking, Training
BronzeDog Metal
  • Ingredients: Leather
  • Length of dog's snout: 3.5"
  • Perfect for: Walking, Training, Vet, Grooming
CollarDirect Muzzle
  • Ingredients: Leather
  • Length of dog's snout: 4"
  • Perfect for: Walking, Training
  • Ingredients: Leather, Metal
  • Length of dog's snout: 3.5"
  • Perfect for: Training, Vet, Grooming, Walking
Dogs My Love Muzzle
  • Ingredients: Leather, Nickel-plated Hardware
  • Length of dog's snout: 3.5"
  • Perfect for: Training, Walking

1. CollarDirect Leather Black Muzzle For Pitbull

CollarDirect Leather Black Muzzle For Pitbull

Being a dedicated and handcrafted muzzle for Pitbull protection, CollarDirect leather is one of the best muzzle for Pitbulls that can secure your furry friend from biting other animals.

This basket muzzle for the pitbull is based on premium leather material that not only properly secures the mouth of your Pitbull but also offers optimum comfort. Since it gets a 14-inch circumference, so it will cozily fit in your pup’s mouth and won’t come out easily.

The two adjustable also ensures that you can tailor fit the muzzle without causing discomfort. According to owners, you can use it for a long time, and it won’t leave any marks on the pooch’s skin.

You can utilize it for various occasions as it has an adequate opening so that you can provide food or feed water through snaps.

Things We Liked
  • Highly durable material.
  • It can withstand immense pressure.
  • Comfortable fit.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It might not fit all.


2. BronzeDog Metal Wire Leather Muzzle For Pitbull

BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle Pitbull

Well, if you are looking for sheer strength and wire basket style muzzle, BronzeDog is the another best muzzle for Pitbulls that you can buy.

Build with a large and stainless-steel wire; the basket structure will curb down the biting instinct of your Pitbull and also allow them space for drinking and panting. Besides, this no-bite muzzle also has four adjustable leather straps with soft padding that adds comfort during training and walking and prevents the dog from slipping out.

Unlike others, it has a wide opening, so breathing or licking the nose won’t be a problem. Moreover, it comes with a snout girth size of 12-inch and a length of 3 1/2-inch, which is quite adequate for proper fit in your pup’s mouth.

Things We Liked
  • Durable construction.
  • Soft padding.
  • Effective in curbing aggression.
  • Secured leather straps.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t facilitate eating.


3. CollarDirect Leather Muzzle for Large Dog

CollarDirect Leather Muzzle for Large Dog

Another top-notch product from CollarDirect is a soft leather basket muzzle that guards the whole mouth area so that your large pooch can’t inflict harm on other animals.

Handcrafted with genuine thick leather, it can tackle the immense jaw power of your Pitbull and prevent any skin damage at the same time. Although this best soft muzzle for dogs covers the whole area, it has an opening in the mouth and snout area so your dog can comfortably eat, drink, and pant anytime.

This basket muzzle for Pitbull is padded to two adjustable straps so that it isn’t too tight or too loose to facilitate your dog to slip away. To add to the comfort of the mouth, it comes with an efficient snout length of 4-inch and a circumference of 14-inch; thus ensuring proper fitting.

Things We Liked
  • Robust construction and complete enclosure.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Wide opening for drinking and eating.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Thin strips.
  • The absence of proper reinforcement.


4. BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle Pitbull Metal Mask Amstaff Wire Basket Pitbull

BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle Pitbull Metal Mask

Aimed in making Pitbull an enjoyable and secured outdoor walk, BronzeDog metal wire is genuinely a remarkable muzzle that flaunts a durable metal cage reinforced with a premium leather strap.

The overall size of 12-inch in circumference and 3.5-inch in length will entirely enclose the snout so that your muscular pooch can’t bite any dog or cat. It is a multipurpose leather dog muzzles for Pitbulls that has enough space for letting your pup quickly drink, breathe, and lick their nose.

Stay assured the leather strap won’t leave any mark on the skin while the inner padding will provide comfort for a long hour. The belt contains many adjustment spots that not only facilitate tailored fitting but also prevent opening up the muzzle while they are angry.

Things We Liked
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Ample space for ventilation.
  • It can withstand heavy pressure.
  • Adjustment straps for large dogs.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Too many sharp edges may ended up scratching dogs face (if it’s not fit properly).


5. Secure Leather Mesh Basket Muzzle For Pitbull

Secure Leather Mesh Basket Muzzle For Pitbull

Secure leather muzzle for Pitbull is affordable equipment that is built to properly secure the snout of your Pitbull that is 3.5-inch in length and 12-inch in circumference.

The mesh-style muzzles get the popular basket-like structure, so it has ample space for smooth breathing and panting. Although your pup may find it difficult to eat food but drinking water or licking the nose won’t be a concern.

Stay assured that the chances of the muzzle coming off due to your pup’s immense jaw pressure are quite minimal, and the credit goes to the high-quality leather built.

Moreover, it is riveted with nickel plate bolts that keep the strap intact under heavy pressure from the jaw and also enhances durability. Fitting won’t be a concern, and it gets two adjustable positions for a comfortable fit.

Things We Liked
  • Spacious front area.
  • Robust construction with extra reinforcement.
  • Soft and non-toxic material.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Your pup can’t eat.

Before we bid final goodbye, let’s take a look at crucial information that would give you an in-depth idea about muzzles for Pitbull.


Is Pitbull A Dangerous Dog?

As we all know, Pitbull has a fierce temperament, but they are not inherently a dangerous breed. They are gentle and family-friendly who are highly protective of other animals but not humans.

However, the main reason behind their rowdy nature is that in the past, they were mainly used as livestock protectors and fighting dogs. Even though things have changed in today’s generation as they mostly serve as family dogs, but they still carry some of their old habits. Proper training and socialization can curb their old tendencies and make them a perfect family pet.

Another reason that many people often consider Pitbull as a dangerous dog is the numerous rumored cases of biting associated with them. Most of them weren’t true, while some of them happened due to negligence from the owner.

In reality, Pitbull is a human-friendly dog that always tries to please its owner and save them from harm rather than biting them. There are many instances where Pitbull has saved human life or prevented humans from injury.

So we can safely say, Pitbull is not dangerous dog, and they shouldn’t be judged based on their history.

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Pitbull Aggression- Fact or Fiction?

Well, it is a fact that Pitbulls are aggressive, but when it comes to other animals and not humans. Their aggressive behavior is not an inherited trait, but they developed it over the years due to ill-treatment from humans.

Previously Pitbulls were trained to fight other dogs, so today’s generation carries some of those traits. There was a time when they were considered child-friendly and family-friendly pets. But their lousy reputation started to build up among Americans when Time magazine brought an article named ” The Pitbull Friend and Killer.”

According to reputed breeders and animal psychologists, Pitbull can be a perfect family dog if they are properly socialized and trained. But if you don’t treat him well and bring him up badly, then chances are they will get a highly aggressive behavior and will attack any outsider, whether animals or humans.

So if your pup builds an attacking behavior, then putting a muzzle is the safest thing you can do.


Choosing The Best Muzzle For Pitbulls – What Should Look for?

When it comes to choosing a muzzle for your brawny pup, several vital factors come into play that will determine the quality of the muzzle.

So first and foremost, always check the strength and durability of the muzzle as needed to withstand the immense power of Pitbull’s stout jaw. It should be made up of high-quality material and a thick strap so it can prevent your ferocious Pitbull from breaking the muzzle barrier.

Getting silicone or leather would be a good option because they are not only robust but won’t cause any discomfort to the skin or snout. Also, check whether the back of the muzzle is secured by a rigid material like steel or leather so that it won’t come off under heavy pressure. Importantly it should be secured with proper joints and bolts for optimum security.

With that being said, the muzzle must have adjustment facilities because it will assist you in tailoring fit the muzzle. Moreover, having an adjustable muzzle will bar you from tightening it too much that would cause pain to the snout.

The muzzle should cover their jaw in such a way that they won’t be able to bite anyone, but they can drink water comfortably. Make sure it shouldn’t come with a wide gap; otherwise, there will be a chance that the powerful jaw might help them to tear the barrier.

Next, the dog muzzle for Pitbull should be breathable so that your muscular dog won’t have difficulty breathing while going for a long walk. Check whether the muzzle has proper openings and gaps near the snout so that they can get enough air for breathing.

choose the right muzzle sizeAlso, if possible you can measure the dog’s snout before getting a new muzzle. This is to avoid you buying a muzzle that doesn’t fit your Pitbull!

The inner lining should have padding or a softcover so that it won’t harm the light skin or give rise to itching issues. You need your pup to be comfortable with the muzzle rather than getting uncomfortable with it.

Lastly, the inner part of the muzzle mustn’t have any metal because it will not only damage their skin, but it might pierce their skin after prolonged usage. If your active pup finds metal wire or any similar object in front of their mouth, then they will try to bite, which would lead to damage to their teeth.


Why Might A Pitbull Need A Muzzle?

Well, your Pitbull doesn’t need to wear the muzzle all the time; instead, they need to wear it based on the circumstances and situations. In general, your energetic pup is a lovable and family-friendly dog, but remember they carry those ancestral traits of getting aggressive against other animals.

So when you take your friend out for a walk, especially in animal parks, then it would be best to put on the muzzle because they might be aggressive when they see other animals. Your pup won’t inflict any harm to humans unless they are abused at home.

You should put on muzzle on your pup’s face when they are ill or injured because, in those situations, Pitbulls get temperamental and might harm anyone. They get highly sensitive, so when vets come to tend them or if you try to inspect their injury, then they would get aggressive. So for everyone’s safety, putting on the muzzle would be a great move.

Most importantly, when you take them to vets, your pup mount should be guarded with the muzzle. When the vets treat them, especially with injection, then your gentle pup might lash out due to pain. Moreover, if your dog is not cooperative with the vets, then it would be better to make your pup wear the safety mask. Another reason they need a muzzle is that a vet clinic is always filled with other ill dogs and cats, so a wire basket muzzle for Pitbull is a necessary precaution.

In addition to vet clinics, you might have to put on the muzzle when you take them out for grooming. Not all Pitbulls love brushing their coat or cutting their nails, especially when they are attended by unknown people. There are high chances that might be aggressive towards the groomer, so keeping them secured with the mask will be the safest option. Some groomers are not well-versed with aggressive breeds like Pitbull, so they might ask you to put on the muzzle on your dog.

Due to many reports of Pitbull biting people, some states have made a policy where Pitbulls need to wear a muzzle when they are in the public area. Massachusetts has a strict policy where Pitbull needs to be muzzled when they go out of their house. Texas also has a strict law regarding Pitbull, although they mandated that the muscular pup needs restraining all the time in the public area.

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Different Types of Muzzles For Pitbulls

When it comes to the type, you will have an array of choices for the muzzle, and each muzzle serves a specific purpose. So here are some crucial muzzle types:

Basket MuzzleBasket is probably the most utilized muzzle type for Pitbulls that cover the pup’s mouth with its cage alike basket structure. With its small opening, it is designed to curb the biting instinct of highly active Pitbulls and facilitate them to drink, eat, and pant comfortably. The durability of this type is far better than others, and it can be worn for a long time. It comes in three variants that is plastic, metal, and rubber, and each serves a different level of protection.

Fabric Muzzle – Fabric muzzles are not the ideal choice for protection, but the comfort they offer is unparalleled. It is mostly utilized for a short period as your pooch can’t drink or pant with this muzzle type. It won’t work in an outdoor session but will be helpful during grooming sessions or training.

Police Dog Muzzle – Undoubtedly, it is the most robust muzzle type you will find in the market. They are mostly made up of soft leather secured by a sturdy strap so that it can withstand the jaw strength of the Pitbull and also allow them to pant. As the name indicates, it is generally utilized by police dog training centers during various training sessions.

Jafco Muzzle – These are robust muzzle types with unique designs, and the well-known Jafco develops them. It is based on premium plastic material and gets a big opening in the front so that the Pitbull can drink, eat, and pant.

Funny MuzzleIt is a silicone muzzle type that is intended to be used in the house so that children won’t get intimidated by the look of their big friend. You can modify it into different funny shapes to allow children to get comfortable.


Tips To Properly Use A Muzzle With A Pitbull

Here are some essential tips to remember;

  • Don’t force your muscular friend to wear a muzzle; instead, allow them to sniff and get comfortable with it. If he gets comfortable, then reward him with a treat.
  • Pitbull is a stubborn breed, so you would have to invest numerous in training them to wear the muzzle.
  • When your pup starts wearing the mask, you should allow them to wear it for a few hours and treat them at every interval. Your main target is to provide them with happy memory with the muzzle.
  • Once your dog gets comfortable wearing the muzzle for a long time, then only you should take them out for a walk. Most importantly, it will make them think that the muzzle is necessary equipment for a walk.


How To Teach Your Dog To Wear A Muzzle?

If you plan to simply put on the muzzle on your Pitbull’s mount without training, then either they would run away or start acting weirdly. You would face a lot of difficulty in muzzling them if you don’t train them. 

We recommend this dog training course!

The easiest way to teach them is by first introducing the muzzle to them and allowing them to sneeze. You should treat them every time they wear it without much fuss, and this habit will make get acquainted with the muzzle. You should continue it for a few days before making them wear it for a long time.

Once your muscular dog gets used to the cage muzzle, then you should notch up the wear time and the idea is to make them comfortable with the safety device. You should treat them at a regular interval and don’t scold them if they show any discomfort. So when you feel the Pitbull is ready, then you can take them outside with the muzzle, and you won’t have issues.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Should I muzzle my Pitbull?

If your Pitbull is well-trained and doesn’t have a history of biting, then a muzzle might not be needed. However, it is better to put on the muzzle for outdoor as other dogs might instigate them.

Q. What size muzzle does a Pitbull need?

It entirely depends upon the age and mouth circumference of your pup. Although most muzzles come with an adjustable facility so you won’t have a problem fitting them.



We can wrap it by saying when you are looking for the best Muzzle for Pitbulls that durability and comfort is the main thing that you should consider. Pitbull is a loving dog that gets aggressive around other animals, so a muzzle is a great tool to control this kind of situation.

We have added products like CollarDirect leather and BronzeDog metal wire that not only control the biting instinct of your dog but also ensure enjoyable training and walking sessions.

To give you a proper idea about the muzzle, we have even included many topics related to pitbull’s muzzle. So it would be great if your muscular pup has a history of biting, then a muzzle would be the right choice.