Dachshund Lab Mix: 9 Essential Facts You Need to Know

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Do you have a massive affinity towards Labrador Retrievers? But can’t accommodate them in your small apartment? Well, bringing home a dachshund lab mix can solve your issue as they make a wonderful pet.

The contrasting mixture of Dachshund and Labrador Retriever may sound impossible, but once you see them, you will be in awe. They make an exciting breed because you will enjoy the hunting instinct of the small breed and get pampered by the eternal loyalty of the Retriever.

So thinking of introducing this friendly and affectionate exclusive breed in your family? Well, it would be a great decision, but before that, you should know about this breed.

Dachshund Lab Mix

All About The Dachshund Lab Mix

We can start by mentioning dachshund is a unique breed that combines the furry Labrador Retriever and highly enthusiastic Dachshund. Although this breed is denoted as a hybrid it has its own identity that separates them from the rest of the mixed races.

This pooch is bred as a family dog rather than a hunting breed, so they will easily blend in with your family. Their appearance may look unusual due to the combination of a large pup with a small and elongated, but you will never get enough of their cute appearance.

They have been bred in such a way that the mixed breed gets the best of both breeds, which is loyalty, rescuing instinct, attentiveness, affection, and endless energy. The following are some crucial facts that you need to know about the Dachshund Lab mix.


1.) Dachshund Lab Mix Puppy – History

The dachshund lab mix puppy has a controversial history with no traces of origin, and most of the breeders don’t know how they came into existence. Many speculate that the demand for designer dogs in America and Europe led to the origin of this lovable mixed breed.

This breed came into the light in the early ’90s, especially during the designer dog era. Even though the American Kennel Club recognizes it but there are still numerous controversies about the origin of this breed.

However, purebred enthusiasts feel that they have been bred so that owners can get the best of both races and reduce most of the illness.


2.) Should You Get A Dachshund Lab Mix or Not?

Why You Should Get A Labrador Dachshund Mix?

Well, we can say there is no reason to avoid this lovely labrador dachshund mix as they have numerous qualities.

  • Loyal Household Dog- As we all know, labradors and dachshunds have unending loyalty and love for their parents. So this mix also inherits the same trait, and they will obey every time you command them.
  • Family Protector- Due to the protective and loyal personalities of both breeds, this lovely pup will always look after the safety of their parents. They are quite fearless, so they will do anything to protect their family. They even have a loud bark that keeps intruders and other animals at bay.
  • Affectionate Towards Children- This lovely breed loves staying around the children. Due to their affectionate characteristics, they will make an excellent companion to your children. Plus, they also act as a watchful guardian of your children who are always ready to protect them from any harm.
  • Highly Active- This unique breed is an energetic and active dog that loves to take part in adventure activities with its parents. So whether you want to go out for a walk or play with kids in the backyard, they will always be with their tails up. The mix of labrador and dachshund loves to spend time with their family so they can also serve as the right travel partner. Bringing home, this hybrid breed will not uplift the energy of your family but will also bring them together.

Watch the following video for more facts about the Dashsador:


Why You Shouldn’t Get A Dachshund Lab Mix?

Although dachshund mix with lab has numerous good sides like every mixed breed, they too have some bad sides. Let’s look at them;

  • Aggressive- The lab and dachshund mix carries a feisty nature that they inherit from their parents. Although the labrador is not highly dynamic, the dachshund’s hunting instinct leads to an aggressive nature in this breed. They are quite hostile towards unknown animals and people, but if you socialize them well, then you curb down such high-level aggression. If you can train them well, then you will be aggressive to those humans and animals who they think as a threat to their families.
  • Difference In Appearance- The labrador retriever is quite different from a dachshund both in looks and body structure. Due to the differences, there is a considerable variation in their appearance. The DNA dominance of their parents dictates the appearance and body structure of this pup. Some pups might get the larger to medium built appearance of the labrador while some might get the body structure of a dachshund. Sometimes, they even get a combined outlook of both the breed, which is a long body with medium-built.
  • Needs Specialized Potty Training- Dachshund is a stubborn breed that has a tendency to poop anywhere it can. They love to poop in the backyard and then cover it with mud. Although labrador doesn’t have an unusual potty habit with this mixed breed, you will have a hard time during potty training. You need to provide them potty training from tender, and you need to be consistent and patient as they are quite stubborn.

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3.) Appearance, Personality, And Traits Of A Dachshund Lab Mix

Body Structure

The combination of beautiful Labrador Retriever and cute dachshund gives out a charming appearance, but their look varies according to DNA dominance. Generally, they get a medium-built body size as that of a retriever.

But sometimes they might get a mixed physique with small body size. So there isn’t any definite body size, but in most of the cases, they get an attractive build.

Overall, they get a moderate that ranges from 15inches to 25inches, and there is a negligible chance they would grow over 30inches.

Unlike their height, their weight varies a lot, but it mostly stays between 30lbs and 80lbs. Remember, the body weight should be appropriate with the body size because inappropriate weight could lead to various bone diseases.

Color and Coat

You will definitely fall in love with the attractive body colors of the dachshund lab mix. Black, white tuxedo variation, and chocolate brown are the most common color forms you will find in this breed. But some breeders also offer this mix pup with fawn, tan and yellow colors.

They also come in the redder shade, but it is a rare coat color that you won’t easily find in most of the breeders in America. Basically, the color entirely depends upon their parents and the dominant gene.

However, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of unknown breeders who often claim to provide dachsador puppies with silver coats as this color has been introduced unnaturally.

When it comes to body coat, the mixed breed of dachshund and labrador gets a short and single coat coupled with dense fur. Generally, they aren’t much shiny, but it entirely depends upon the quality of the breed and grooming.

Since many dachshunds are known for their long hairs, you will also find pups that have coarse and long coats with a wavy texture. What be the coat type, these fur doesn’t hold water; thus, it assists them in avoiding cold. Even though they get a single coat, but you will find a lot of fur on the floor because they shed a lot.

Like their parents, they get a black nose, but the color of their eyes varies according to their parents. Most of these pups get the natural black color, but some breeders often offer puppies with dark brown eyes.


Get ready to be floored by the friendly and gentle personality of the Doxie lab mix, who is always eager to please their owners. Carrying the mixture of protective dachshund and affectionate labrador, you will always have a loyal and sweet companion around you.

They love their parents so much that they hardly leave their sides. Due to their devoted nature, they often go through separation anxiety when they don’t see their parents for a few days.

Both the parent dog breeds are known for their fun-loving and intelligent nature, so they will make a lovely household pet.

This mix breed loves getting along with kids, but it is best to keep them supervised as dachshunds are known for their sensitive nature who get easily provoked. Loyalty is embedded in the genes of both their parents, but it often leads to a protective trait.

Besides their sweet and loveable personality, they are highly energetic who loves to spend time in the outdoors. However, they often get lousy temperaments, and they get easily offended by simple incidents.

Inheriting the dachshund’s territorial nature, you have to control your energetic pup around other animals. Some owners had stated that when they friendly threatened around other animals, they might attack them.


4.) Grooming Your Dachshund Labradors

Grooming is an integral part of every dog, and this is also applicable to your sweet pup. Since the dachshund mixed with labrador pups gets two types of coats, so the grooming process entirely depends upon your puppy.

If they inherit a short and thick coat from their labrador parent, then you need to brush the fur twice a week as they shed a lot. However, if your pup gets along and smooth hair, then it becomes essential to clean the fur at least thrice a week.

They have a  moderate shedding habit, but brushing at regular intervals will not only prevent matting and tangling but will also keep them wavy.  However, during the spring and fall seasons, you should try to brush more as they shed a lot during this time.

A doxie lab mix has a bad habit of digging, so it becomes necessary to trim their nails at least twice a month. However, you need to check the nails regularly in case of damage to their nails because it can lead to serious health issues.

Cleaning their ear at least once a month is extremely important, and it would be best to hire a professional as you might hurt their eardrum.

Like the body fur, your lovely friend also needs brushing of their teeth at least twice a week. Every year you should take them to a vet for a complete dental checkup as they often develop unwanted germs in their gums.

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5.) Dachshunds Labradors Health Problems

Being a designer dog, dachshund mixed dogs don’t come with any significant health if they have a healthy parent. Moreover, mixed breeding helps breeders to check most of the diseases.

However, some breeders use unhealthy parents or breed the parents every year to produce dachshund lab mixed pups. So these pups come with many health issues and often get a short lifetime. You should always check the medical record of the parent before taking a pup from the breeder.

Despite everything, there are some major health problems that your dog might face during its lifetime.

  • Intervertebral disc disease- It is a severe disease that they get from their dachshund parent, where the pooch suffers difficulty in walking, severe pain, and often paralysis. This disease affects the cushioning disc, which is located inside the spinal column’s vertebrae, thus making the spine prone to pain.
  • Obesity- Obesity is a significant issue that often affects this breed quite a lot. It happens mainly due to the lack of exercise and feeding them excessive amounts of food. It usually occurs due to a lack of knowledge and negligence of the parents. However, you can reduce obesity by taking your pup for regular exercise and following a proper diet chart.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy- Although it is not a common disease when it affects the dog, it ultimately damages their retina, which leads to total blindness. However, providing proper treatment at an early stage helps them to curb this condition.

Life Expectancy of Lab Dachshund Mix?

On average, a completely healthy pup will have a life expectancy of around 12 to 15years, and hardly any puppy lives beyond 15years. However, without proper care and a food diet, the lifespan of your pup will go below ten years.


6.) Food Requirements Of Dachshund Mixed with Labrador

The unique lab and doxie mix is known for its large appetite, so you need to follow a specific diet based on their age, health, and energy level. As they are prone to obesity so you should avoid overfeeding and dog foods containing grain fillers as they add a lot of fat. It would be smart to take a diet chart from your vet.

Many vets recommend owners provide homemade food to their pups as they are completely healthy and free from chemical additives. However, you can even opt for high-quality dry food that is equally and contains a balanced amount of protein, fat, and vitamins. Generally, a small pup needs only 2 cups of dry food in a day, but you can add one more if you feel they need more energy.

You should always check whether the food is grain-free and contains the right amount of fat and carbohydrates. From their tender age, try to add food with DHA because it will improve not only their health but also their eyesight.

According to vets, you should avoid feeding your pup with raw meats and wet food as they contain too many calories.

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7.) Labrador Crossed with Dachshund Exercise Requirements

Like every high-energetic breed, a labrador crossed with a dachshund requires the right amount of exercise daily. Although they are a fun-loving and active breed, lack of exercise will lead to obesity. The amount of activity entirely depends upon the body structure and age of the dog.

If your pup’s body resembles the medium built of a labrador, then you need to take them for walking or jogging for at least 60minutes a day. You need to put your pooch through various activities like swimming, running, fetch, etc. so that they can burn the excess fat and become agile.

Plus, involving them in daily activities will not only keep diseases at bay but will also improve their mental health. However, you should spare them from too much activity as they might stay tired throughout the day.

However, if your furry pup has the body structure of their dachshund parent, then you need to involve them in a short activity period. You will have to divide the training into two parts so that they don’t suffer from fatigue. For instance, you can take them for a walk in the morning and then for jogging in the evening. Nevertheless, make sure your pup doesn’t get tired and try to feed them water at a regular interval.

While taking them for exercise, it would be a good idea to use a leash as they tend to get aggressive in new environments and other animals.

When they are at home or backyard, you should provide them toys that will not only keep them energized but will also improve their mental capacity. You can also introduce puzzles and other products so that they can work on their thinking process to get the treat.


8.) How To Train Your Dachshund Crossed With Labrador?

Being a descendent of two highly intelligent dog breeds, your dachshund lab mixed dog won’t be tough to train. However, their disdainful attitude makes training a tricky task, so you need to be patient and consistent during the process.

Here is the ultimate dog training course that you can follow!

You should start providing them potty training from a tender age as they have a habit of pooping anywhere they prefer, especially in the backyard. It is challenging to offer them crate training, but if you can hold your patience, then they will soon learn to poop at a designated place. You should encourage them to follow your command and treat them when they successfully complete the crate training.

It would be a good idea to provide them pee training as they tend to pee at a regular interval due to their small bladder. From an early age, you can train them to go to the bathroom after your furry friend finishes a meal, nap, or when they feel the urge. They might be stubborn in the beginning, but if you treat them regularly, then it will motivate them to continue the practice until they are habituated.

Obedience is also an essential aspect of your pup’s training regime as it will allow you to control rash behavior and unnecessary barking. You will have to work hard and hold your patient while teaching them commands. While training them, you need to be strict; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to command them.

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9.) Fun Facts About The Lab Dachshund Mix

Let’s learn some interesting facts regarding this charming yet loveable breed;

  • Nowadays, many people call dachshunds a Weiner dog as it was featured in the “Wiener-Dog ” film in 2016. So subsequently, the lab dachshund mixed breed got the name wiener dogs, although it is not that a popular name.
  • As we all know, a labrador retriever is a medium-size dog while the dachshund is a tiny-sized pup. So due to this size difference, many breeders opt for artificial insemination to breed this mixed dog.
  • Both Labrador and dachshund are known for their hunting capability, so their mix gets the trait of the high sense of smell. However, the degree of sense may vary according to the DNA of the parents.
  • Labrador retriever has a considerable affinity for swimming, so your mixed pooch is most likely to develop the habit of swimming in water. They also get waterproof fur that allows them to float effortlessly.



When you decide to get home a beautiful labrador dachshund mix pup, always look for a reputed breeder. Most of the reputed breeders will provide you a healthy dog with the proper medical history and credentials of their parents.

It would be great if you can get a pup who has a champion bloodline as it ensures that your pup is likely to get affected by diseases. Besides purchasing, you can even adopt this mixed breed pup.

When you bring them home, you must take care of them and love them as much as you can.