Corgi Beagle Mix: Everything You Need to Know

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Commonly known as Beagi, the mixture of two lovely breeds, Corgi and Beagle, gives you a unique and sweet puppy that leaves everyone in awe with its appearance. With the distinctive appearance, it also gets a charming nature and loyal characteristics, and this is the reason many people are getting lured to pet them.

It is not always possible to bring home large breeds, especially if you are living in an apartment. Thus short and playful pups like corgi beagle mix are appropriate pets for apartment dwellers as they are loyal and active.

Both corgi and beagle are quite popular canines among dog lovers, and due to their interesting characteristics, they are often bred together.

Now you must be thinking, will they mix well with your family? Can they adjust to your small house? Well, you won’t have to think hard, as we will provide some useful information that will provide you with all the details about this lovely mix breed of corgi and beagle.

Corgi Beagle Mix


A Corgi Beagle Mix

A beagle corgi mix is a designer breed that inherits the playful, intelligent, and adoring characteristics of its parent. Despite both being well-known breeds, they are not as popular as other mix-breeds like Cockapoo and Labradoodle.

However, beagi is gradually its share of popularity among dog enthusiasts in the US, and many owners are getting attracted to their distinctive looks and traits. When it comes to companionship, it serves as of the most demanded breeds. Moreover, getting a corgi and beagle mix helps the owner to get the best out of both the purebred dogs.

As Beagi carries affectionate nature, they not only get along well with everyone in your family but also form a bond with other pets in your house. However, they bring a unique personality and dominant nature.

This wobbly furry companion, despite its gentleness and agreeableness, often gets protective and territorial around unknown animals and visitors. Owners who are aware of the beagle, know that beagle is not easy to train and requires a lot of patience and time. But this mixed breed gives you the exception as they are entirely straightforward to train and command.


Origin and History of Beagle Corgi Mix

The history regarding corgi and the beagle mix is still unknown, and no one knows how they came into existence. However, according to professional breeders, it was the around early or mid-80s; this hybrid breed was first noticed. Some people speculate that breeders wanted to create a unique and playful mix breed, and that is how beagi came into the world. But no one could state how and where this beautiful canine got its start.

However, one of their parents, the beagle, has a long history that dates back to Roman times. During 1800, they became famous as foot hounds as they were trained for hunting by owners in the US who couldn’t use a horse. Their exceptional sense and inimitable howl made them a popular companion among foot hunters. It was around 1885; the beagle first made its mark in the American Kennel Club.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi, on the other hand, were present since medieval ages, and royal and wealthy families mostly owned them. In addition to being a posh dog, some people even bred them to work and guard livestock. They are highly agile, and they were heavily used to look after cattle. To date, many royal families own them like Queen Elizabeth II as they serve as a symbol of royalty and riches.

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Appearance and Physical Attributes of Corgi Beagle Mix

The appearance of beagi has a sight to behold, although the characteristics changes according to the dominant gene of the parent. Many beagi acquire the physical attributes of the beagle, but sometimes they also inherit many characteristics of a corgi. Commonly this furry pup gets a long tail with drooping ears and round-shaped hazel and brown eye, leaving everyone in awe. The eye color depends a lot on the parent, but most of the time, it comes in a dark combination.

Some breeder has also said that apart from the long and floppy ear, some pups also get a short and upright ear. Their square gummy nose and curly upward tail also give them an adorable look that will make anyone fall in love with them. Most of the time, they get a double along with a short and thick undercoat that is sufficient enough to protect them through the year.

What makes them more attractive? The color of their fur has three variants which is white and lemon with black and tan shades. However, they can also have black and white, brown and white, red and white, sable, white and tan, brown and white, and different chocolate shades.

In terms of body size, they have a short and squat bodies, which makes them easily stand out from the crowd. However, some pups come slightly more significant than corgis, but they don’t grow beyond the height of 41cm. But their height won’t go below 33 cm despite the gender of the dog. The length of the doesn’t vary much and tends to remain the same despite the height of the dog.

Their adorable chunky and stocky physique profoundly influence the loveliness of their look. They may not be strong as other medium-sized mix breeds, but this breed is highly active and can perform different exercises. Being medium-sized dogs, they don’t tend to have much wait, and it generally ranges between 10 and 20pounds.

With beagle corgi mix puppies, you will have surprising physical attributes, and you can’t expect to have common traits like other pups. The health condition and nutrition routine from a young age also influence the appearance and physical structure of their body.


The Nature of Beagle Corgi Mix

The beagi is naturally an intelligent and gentle dog who always loves to stay active and obey its owners. They have an easy-going personality with tremendous attachment to their owner; thus, they never seize to love you. Most importantly, they are very loyal and sociable, so making them a family dog will be an easy task for you.

They can easily befriend other animals in your house and neighbors, but it entirely depends upon their socialization. As both Beagle and Corgi are highly intelligent, so beagi naturally inherit this trait, which makes them easy to train.

They will quickly learn all the basic etiquette and commands after six months if trained early and can serve as a help for the household. Due to their clever nature, they don’t easily blend with strangers and always stay cautious around them. Although they don’t possess much protective character but tend to protect their owners and small children in the house.

However, if you don’t socialize them from an early age, they can grow territorial behavior, aggressive, and highly protective nature. Another nature that makes them incredible house dogs, especially in the countryside, is their hunting characteristics. They will not only hunt for intruders like rats or cats in the house but will also keep away large animals from destroying the garden or porch.

Beagi is well known for keeping their owners on their toes as they always are active and love to play fetch a ball. They are highly playful who would love to run around the garden or field and play with you. Their energy level is pretty high, so you need to provide them with a lot of playtimes rather than keeping them caged. Despite their enthusiastic nature, they need time to be left alone for hours.

They can be quiet at times and also loves to watch movies or matches with their owners on the sofa. One thing that might bother you about them is their stubborn personality, and you need to be tolerant while commanding or training them.

Beagis are quite cooperative, but they might not listen to you for the first time, especially while they are playing or chasing something. But many breeders have said that with proper training from the right age, you can curb down their adamant behavior by a large margin.

Nature of Beagle Corgi Mix


The Health of Corgi Mix Beagle Breed

Even though the corgi mix beagle is a playful and robust dog, but they do also have some common health issues, which are not easy to avoid. Obesity, joint problems, allergies, and epilepsy are some common health issues they inherit from their parent. However, if you provide them with proper vaccination regularly, then the chance of health disorders is quite low.

Moreover, regular exercise and a proper diet will assist them in avoiding getting obese. Similarly, taking them from reputable breeders also minimizes chances because those breeders always opt for a healthy dog so they can negate most of the health issues.

You should treat your beagi with vaccination like DHPP, rabies, and measles because it will make them resistant to parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, adenovirus, and distemper. Purebred corgi suffers a lot from canine glaucoma and retinal atrophy, so there is a high chance that your mixed breed furry friend may also be prone to those diseases.

Hypothyroidism and chondrodystrophy are other dangerous illnesses that might affect their health. Some pups often get affected by an ear infection, but veterinarian checkups at regular intervals won’t allow the infection to occur. No breeder can guess what type of diseases they might get, so you should take all the necessary health precautions.


The Lifespan of Beagle Corgi Mix Breed

Well, beagi does have a good lifespan like other breeds, and they generally tend to stay by your side twelve to fifteen years. You must provide them the best care possible so that they lead the happy and healthy life they always yearn.


Providing The Right Food for Corgi Beagle 

Food is an important aspect that determines the health and growth of furry companions. Proper nutrition is really vital, and depending upon size, metabolism, age, and activity, you should provide them food. You should opt for the right diet after consulting with the vet and try to give them food that has a lot of nutrition and minerals.

Maintain a balance between Vitamin C and E, fat, and protein because it will provide them a proper body growth. However, making them overeat can lead to obesity, which is really an unfortunate health issue.

Apart from the natural homemade food, you should also provide them with high-quality dry food manufactured by reputed organizations. Rather than giving a large chunk of food at a time, you should divide the food into two to three meals that will assist in proper digestion. Your dog needs to be at its healthiest state all the time, and only you can take care of that fact.

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Grooming Your Beagi

Grooming your beagi is quite an easy and tireless job as they come with moderate shedding. Brushing them regularly or 3-4times a week will do the job, but you need to use a proper brush that can go deep without hurting their skin. In addition to brushing, bathing them at an appropriate interval is also essential.

While bathing them, you should use the doctor prescribed shampoo and conditioner to keep the fur smooth, healthy, and odor-free. You can even use sprays to prevent bad odor, itches, or any skin issue in their body.

The nail of your pup should be regularly trimmed, and you can either do it by yourself or get it done by any professional. It is vital to prevent overgrowth of their nail because they will not only face issues while walking, but it can lead to tearing in their muscle. It would be best if you can get their eyes, ear, and teeth weekly checked by a vet for any kind of infection.


Exercise And Training Requirement For Your Corgi Beagle Mix

The mixed breed of beagle and corgi is highly active and full of energy, so you need to provide regular exercise.  They might look small, but they are very athletic in nature; thus, they require a daily walk and a lot of space to move around freely.

It will not only keep their body energized but will also curb the chance of obesity and destructive behavior. If they are not engaged in daily activity, they often get bored, so you need to play fetch or other games with them. However, if you can’t daily go outside, then you buy a playpen so that they can engage themselves in fun activities in the house.

When it comes to training, you will need a lot of patience during training because they hold a stubborn nature. But you shouldn’t be worried because they are intelligent and are always eager to please their owner.

If you can stay determined and start training them from an early age, then training them would become easy for you. Leash, potty, and crate training are some critical training regimes that are some vital things you need to consider. It would be a smart move to hire a dog trainer who would make the training curve smooth.

Beagi is not very friendly with unknown people and animals, but if you socialize them from an early age, then they will become very cooperative dogs. You need to expose them to unfamiliar places and people so that they would stay calm when you take them out in the park or any other site.

You can even subject them to obedience activities, which would make them obedient gradually. The positive reinforcement technique is another proper training that your furry friend should have because it would allow them to avoid any punishments.

Corgi Beagle Mix Exercise


So is this the Right Family Dog?

We can gladly say, if you are in search of a family dog that will fill the house with joy, then the corgi beagle mix will be the ideal addition to your family. This little family dog is highly adaptable and affectionate, and they love to thrive in a family home. As they demonstrate a loyal, friendly, and cooperative nature so they won’t have any problem mixing with others.

Most importantly, if properly socialized, they can blend well with children and animals in your house. They can easily adjust to any home, so you don’t need a huge house to add them to your family. However, they are quite stubborn; thus, you need a lot of training and dedication to make them comfortable in your home.


Finding Corgi Beagle Mix

Nowadays, finding a mixed breed of corgi and beagle is an easy task, and you will find numerous websites that will lead you to good breeders. However, you should be careful while taking them from a breeder as not all of them will provide the best quality pup. The charges of beagi generally start around $500 and go above $1000 depending upon the quality.

Always go for a reputed breeder because screens the health of the puppies and will offer you a health certificate. If you are up for adoption, then there are many NGOs and organizations that provide a corgi beagle mix for adoption.



We can conclude by saying that Beagi is a highly adorable dog who can become a center of attraction in your house. They have a loving and loyal nature, and you just have to offer them the love and care they deserve. However, you need to socialize and train them properly to help them blend effortlessly with your family.

Space is not an issue, but you need to provide proper exercise on a daily basis. So if you are happy with the information we have given, then write to us about your thoughts. We would love to get in touch with you.