German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix: Everything You Need to Know

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Having a cutie and small playful puppy-like Chihuahua is always fun because it will keep you entertained all the time. However, you will also agree that you also need a large and loyal breed like a German shepherd, who will not only love your family but will also protect them.

But what if I tell you that you can get the best of both worlds if you can get yourself a German shepherd chihuahua mix breed. Are you flabbergasted?

Well, you should be because the combination of the big working dog and pretty little canine has created an incredibly new breed. The exciting part is that you get a unique race that is slightly bigger than Chihuahua but petite than a German shepherd.

So, are you planning to expand your family by bringing one of them home? Well, before getting them, we would urge you to know about them.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix


How the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Came Into Existence?

To begin with, the German shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies is a new kind of designer breed that has an exciting look with exclusive characteristics. Although both German shepherds and Chihuahua have been bred together their origin is different. It is vital that you should first get an overview of the individual breed before diving deep into the details of the mix breed.

German Shepherd Breed

The German shepherd is an age-old breed, and it first came into existence when Society for the German Shepherd Dog registered the first puppy in 1899. Horand von Grafrath was the first dog in this old breed.

However, this breed doesn’t get standardized in Germany, so they were carefully matted to conserve their characteristics. This breed, after a few decades, got widely popular and currently serves one of the most recognized dogs in the USA.

Due to their dutiful, watchful, and loyal trait, they are widely utilized as military and police canines. Their intelligent and versatile nature was being used during World War 1, where the German army used it for various purposes. They delivered food and various other supplies by dodging enemy fires, land mines, tanks, and many more.

As they have endurance power, they could cover a lot of distance without requiring food and water; thus, they were sometimes used for carrying a message. It is believed that after the world war, the German Shepherd Strongheart and Rin Tin Tin movie serve as a primary reason that made this breed famous among Americans.

Chihuahua Breed

The Chihuahua, on the other hand, is the smallest dog breed in the world, but unlike German shepherd, it doesn’t have a clear history. This small and charming breed is said to have originated from Mexico. The ancestor of this breed was considered as spirit guides in Mexico, and that is why their burial place often carries ancient Aztec.

However, many researchers have said that it is an ancient breed that dates back to pre-European time. But to European colonization, it lost most of its pre-European genes. It was during the 1800s, this canine started getting popular on American soil, but it was during 1908, a Chihuahua named Beppie first got registered in the American Kennel Club.

It is a small-sized dog with a big-dog-like personality, and it got popular as a vanity dog when rich and famous women started carrying inexpensive purses. Some experts believe Chihuahua was the first American native dog that came into existence when Spanish civilization engulfed Mexico.

While some historians have come up with the theory that they are a small version of Pariah dogs, which also had large ears.


How Do German Shepherd and Chihuahua Mix Breed Look?

When it comes to the look, the mixture of German Shepherd and Chihuahua gives out a unique outlook. The size of the dog gets the middle term where it has a larger body than Chihuahua, but it doesn’t outgrow the size of the standard German Shepherd.

Although the size varies depending upon the breeding, it never loses its charming body posture. The maximum size they reach is around 45 inches, and hardly any pup has crossed that mark. In terms of weight, they are also light, and they generally tend to grow from eight to sixty pounds.

The face will resemble the larger furry with large pointy ears and little eyes that is beautiful enough to make anyone fall on their knees. They mostly get the black or brown of their significant parent; thus, you will feel that you have a miniature shepherd friend staying by your side. A good thing about these dogs is that they require high maintenance, and occasional grooming does the job.

However, you might also see different fur colors and patterns in the body depending upon the parent’s gene. This beautiful-looking breed generally gets short hair with little chance of shedding.

But sometimes due to the Chihuahua parent, they often get long fur and double coat, making them look like a small Alsatian pup with a distinctive appearance. Unlike other mix-breeds, they only shed during the time of season change, thus giving you relief from dressing the fur regularly.


What Are the Personality Traits When German Shepherd Mixed With Chihuahua?

Well, both German Shepherd and Chihuahua have an aggressive yet friendly temperament, but when they breed together, it gives rise to peculiar characteristics. Due to differences in their genetics, their personality varies from canine to canine. However, some breeders say that as they have half shepherd half Chihuahua gene, they are generally loyal, active, intelligent, and highly attentive.

The best part is that they are quite friendly and fast learners, thus making them an impressive family pet. But they are really aggressive with other dogs and sometimes people with whom they are not familiar.

As they carry traits of the German shepherd, this mix breed will be patient and wise, so you won’t have a hard time controlling them. However, at worst, they will become ferocious, stubborn, and uncooperative if you don’t take proper care and leave them alone in the house for most of the time.

According to some reputed breeders, they always guard their territory and don’t allow any stranger near their family and home. Well, if they are properly socialized, they can be really friendly with children. You need to train them from little age to shed away the negative aggression and make them loyal and affectionate dogs.

Although the level of aggression also depends upon the trait, it gets from its parents. Most importantly, they require a lot of socialization, and it will determine whether they will be friendly or independent. If you are adopting a Chihuahua German shepherd mix, then you should interact with the parents to understand them.


How Healthy is The Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix Breed?

Healthy Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix

Unlike other mixed-breed dogs, the German shepherd and Chihuahua mixture have a lot of health advantages as it has hybrid nature. Usually, pure breed dogs come with a lot of hereditary health issues but not with this breed because breeders selectively breed them.

Most of the pups are healthy, and there is hardly any report where the owners have reported that they have got a furry friend with health issues.

Despite all these, one health issue that has mostly affected this breed is hip and elbow dysplasia. Chihuahua is very prone to float kneecap that causes dislocation of the kneecap, and it arises when they get old.

So this mix pup might inherit this ailment when bred, which would be a serious health concern. These ailments are not severe diseases, and with proper medical treatment at the correct stage, you can help your friend to recover from these issues easily.

Well, they are also prone to obesity which is a health issue with a lot of mixed breed doggy friends even if they are hybrid. So you need to control their diet and provide them with the right food to prevent obesity because it often gives rise to other health issues.

Always consult your local vets before introducing new dog food to this breed because it might not suit their health. Also, showering them on a regular basis can lead to dry skin, which might deter the overall immunity of your pup.

So when you are planning to buy or adopt this mix breed, health is the primary thing you need to consider. If you are adopting, always check the health condition of their parents and it would be best if you can take them to the vet for a thorough checkup.

However, when you are going through a breeder, then there are high chances that you will a healthy puppy from them. A good breeder always offers healthy pups because they opt for the fit and good-looking parent by filtering out parents with genetic diseases.

Most of the reputed breeders offer a health guarantee and put forward all the possible health conditions. Moreover, they provide the medical history of the pup as well as of the parent to make sure you are getting a healthy furry companion.

Avoid breeders who won’t provide you health guarantee and also their parent’s medical history. While taking them from breeders, always enquire about the vaccination record because it determines the immunity of the little dog.

Overall, the healthy pup you get when a German shepherd mixed with Chihuahua has a life expectancy from nine to twenty years. Hardly any dog of this breed goes beyond the age of 20 years, even if it is fully healthy. However, life tenure and diseases also depend upon the way they live and the traits they acquire.

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How to Groom the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

Well, they are effortless to groom even though Chihuahua and German shepherds are highly notorious for shedding fur almost all the year. Likewise, this breed also sheds year-round, but they don’t shed a lot like other mix breeds.

So you won’t have a hard time cleaning them, and it would be best if you can utilize a vacuum. Check out the recommended vacuum for pets

Brush their body on a regular basis that will not only keep their fur silky but will also prevent them from shedding all over the house. You should offer them baths at regular intervals and apply doctor-prescribed shampoo, which will avert unnecessary shedding.

It is also essential to cut their nails on a weekly basis and clear any dirt from their ear. If you are not confident with the grooming techniques, then you should contact any local expert.


What To Feed Your Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix Breed?

Feeding your canine with the right kind of food and following a proper diet is a crucial aspect as it will determine the overall health. After you bring them home, consult a good vet about the foods that you should give this breed.

Make sure; you should feed them the right quantity, whether it is packaged food or homemade ones. Feeding them too much would lead to overweight, which will make them more prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and floating knee.

According to some reputed breeders, the mix of German and Chihuahua should be fed with chondroitin and glucosamine supplements to keep their bones strong. Moreover, they also suggest owners use fish oil in their food that offers necessary nutrition to keep them strong and healthy. You should avoid treating them with sweet items because it can cause hair loss.


How to Exercise the Mixed Breed of German Shepherd and Chihuahua?

In addition to food, regular exercise is another essential thing that you should do to keep Chihuahua German shepherd mix healthy, happy, playful, and active. Even though they are apartment dogs but need regular exercise a long walk in the park or outdoor playtime.

However, you shouldn’t stress too much on their exercise because they aren’t meant for intense activities even though they carry German shepherd characteristics.

You can play with them by fetching a ball in the playground or leaving them in your yard so that they can play around. If you have a tall wall, then you can even leave them on the terrace of your apartment. Getting some cheap toys will be great for this.

Engaging them in regular activities will not only strengthen their muscles and bones, but it will also make them resilient to excess fat and bone problem issue.


How Can You Train and Raise Your Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix?

Training is an important thing that should opt for at the early age of your German shepherd Chihuahua breed. Although both the breeds are very loyal and obedient, if you don’t start training them early, they will become stubborn and disobliging.

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A great thing about them is that they are intelligent and fast learners, so you can efficiently train them and teach commands. However, you might face some difficulty during potty training as they have a small bladder, so they need to poop several times.

Due to their cooperative nature, you won’t have any hard time during food and sleep training. As they tend to stay closer with their owners, so you should train them to stay alone and stay calm or even command them to come.

Not only training, but they also need a lot of socialization from an early age, and you should acquaint them with every member of the house. With proper socialization, you can curb their aggressive nature and the tendency to guard their owner all the time. You should make them meet new people so that they won’t be aggressive to others while you take them out for a walk.

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Does Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix Make A Good Family Pet?

Now, after going through all the information, you might ask yourself, will they make an excellent family pet? Can they live in small apart?  We can assure you they make a wonderful family pet.

They are loyal and obedient breeds so they will listen to you all the time. However, they don’t mix well with kids, so it would be better to avoid adopting them if you have small kids.

They are medium-sized dogs, so keeping them in a small apartment won’t be a problem for you. But you should provide them enough room to move freely and play. You should train them properly so that they don’t develop the tendency to tear or break items in the house.


Final Thought

We hope this article will help you to prepare yourself before you go out to get a mixed breed of German shepherd and Chihuahua. Both German Shepherd and Chihuahua are distinctive breeds.

But when they are selectively bred by breeders, the mixed breed pup develops a unique character as they inherit most of the excellent characteristics of both the specimen.  You can go through Chihuahua Vs. German shepherd to know more about their characteristics.

Well, if you have any further queries, you can ask us freely, and we will reach you as soon as possible.