The Horgi Dog Breed Complete Info and Guide

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If you are a fan of Corgis and Huskies, you will be instantly in love with the breed that is a mix of these two charming dogs.

Known as a Horgi (aka Siborgi), this dog has been crossbred to produce the best qualities of the Siberian Husky and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Cardigan Welsh Corgi. What resulted was a cute small-medium-sized dog with a sweet and loving nature, high energy levels, and tolerance to cold weather.

The Horgi makes a wonderful pet for the devoted owner that has time to spend exercising, grooming, and giving attention to this charming and affectionate canine. You will have a happy and loyal four-legged friend for life if you welcome a Horgi into your home. They are great with families, children, the elderly and other pets so fit in well in most homes.

Hooray for the friendly Horgi. Let’s find out more about this dashing designer corgi husky mix dog.

Horgi dog


The Husky and Corgi

·         About The Husky

The Siberian Husky descended from the wolf and has retained wolf-like features and a stunning appearance which often includes ice-blue eyes. With a strong prey drive and the ability to work well in freezing temperatures, the Husky is a strong and muscular dog that is alert and intelligent. It is also a high-energy, hardworking breed of dog that is popular for its loving and gentle nature.

·         About The Corgi

The Corgi is a hound that was bred to round up animals. The details of its history are unclear although is hard to think about the corgi without being reminded of the Queen of England who has owned over 30 Corgis (although she doesn’t own one now.) Her parents Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI also owned royal corgis. We wonder if they ever considered going for a Horgi.


Everything You Need to Know About Horgi

1.      History of The Horgi

Corgis are traditionally cattle herding dogs while Huskies are sledding dogs. They were first intentionally bred in the late 1990s in North America. The aim was to create a miniature Husky with the best traits from both breeds.

The history of the corgi dates back for several centuries making it one of Britain’s oldest breeds. The Husky history can be traced back to the ancient Taymyr wolf from Siberia, Russia. It became popular when it arrived in Alaska to be used to pull sleds during the gold rush at the end of the 19th century.


2.      Appearance and Nature of Horgi

When you look at your dog that is a Siberian Husky Corgi mix you can see the resemblance to the Corgi as it has short legs and its body is close to the ground. Weighing 20 – 50 pounds on average this dog looks sturdy, handsome, and well-balanced.

They grow to be about 13 – 15 inches tall and come in many colors including red, white, blue, brown, and black. This dog is an attractive and gorgeous dog that has a soft and adorable appearance which is part of the reason it is so popular today.

Horgis have thick double coats that are soft and snuggly. Horgis often have stunning blue eyes that they inherit from both sides of their lineage. Sometimes they will have one blue eye and one brown eye.

This striking feature can be quite a sort after and is due to any eye condition called heterochromia. It happens if the dog has excess or lack of melanin in one eye. It can be congenital or develop slowly over time.

Corgi Husky puppies are simply adorable, and when they grow into adults they still retain that cute appearance that wins many hearts.

The nature of the Horgi is lovable, keen, alert, smart, and social. It makes a wonderful pet as well as a working dog. This dog is very social and loves being around people including children. It also is agreeable when mixed with other animals. The Horgi is a playful pet with plenty of energy and a temperament that is even, positive and loving.


3.      Dietary Requirements

Like many dog breeds, the Horgi loves to eat. They can tend to put on weight very easily due to their compact build. So you need to monitor meal sizes and make sure the healthy diet is combined with the right amount of daily exercise.

Otherwise, you could easily have an overweight Horgi on your hands. The Horgi can easily develop back problems if it becomes too heavy.

They require a high-protein diet to support muscle development and growth. Don’t give them too many treats.


4.      Training and Exercise

The Horgi is intelligent, therefore easy to train. You need to be aware of its instinctual herding tendencies when training your Horgi. It can be tempted to take off and chase other animals or people so firmness is needed when training.

If you can train and socialize your Horgi from the puppy stage it will be easier. If you get your Horgi as an adult dog you will need to focus on training it using a firm hand and lots of reward and praise. As they are always keen to please the reward system works very well with this dog.

Daily exercise is perfect for the Horgi. Walks combined with active play sessions will keep your pooch happy. Since it’s not a large dog it doesn’t require hours of outdoor activity. It is a smart cookie so enjoys the stimulation of different environments.

So you can combine exercise with walks in the park, around the neighborhood, and visits to friend’s houses to mix it up and keep your dogs frame of mind healthy and positive.


5.      Grooming

Horgis are indeed little furballs. They shed a lot of furs all year round and are not hypoallergenic animals. So if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to fur this dog may not be for you. Also, you might need to invest in a good-quality vacuum cleaner to suck up all the loose hair that can be left around the house.

To minimize shedding daily grooming is a good idea. Horgis enjoy the attention and grooming so even twice a day would be fine if you have time for that second brushing during your busy day.

Wash your Horgi when it needs a bath. This is a big job with a thick water-resistant coat that needs to be dried completely after every bath. This will also remove excess hair.

Don’t forget to wash its ears and teeth and trim those nails frequently too. Many Horgi owners like to pamper their pets with a trip to the pet salon or professional pet groomer now and then. It also gives them a break from the time-consuming grooming routine that Horgis need.


6.      Medical Issues

Every breed of dog has certain medical issues they are prone to developing. For the lovable Horgi the following issues may crop up sometime during its life. Despite this list looking long, the Horgi is considered a healthy breed overall.

This list isn’t longer than many other dog breeds, including:

  • skin problems
  • eye problems
  • epilepsy
  • intervertebral disc disease
  • patent ductus arteriosus
  • back problems
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • obesity
  • hip dysplasia

Talk to your breeder about health problems. While many on this list are general issues (such as skin and eye problems) that any breed can develop at any time, others like Von Willebrand’s disease are inherited so your breeder should be able to eliminate the likelihood of this one in advance.

Von Willebrand’s disease is an inherited bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency in the amount of the protein needed to assist platelets (blood cells essential for clotting) bond and make clots to seal broken blood vessels. It is similar to hemophilia. It usually shows up in puppyhood and you can seek reassurance from your breeder buying your dog or get it screened if you are concerned.

Patent ductus arteriosus is another hereditary condition. It is a heart defect that shows up in puppies and is more common in female dogs. It is serious but can be treated if diagnosed in time. Talk to your breeder or veterinarian if you are concerned about hereditary health conditions that your pet dog may have inherited.

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How to Find a Reputable Horgi Breeder?

The affectionate Horgi is considered a designer breed of dog. For that reason, it is important to find a reputable corgi husky mix breeder if you want to become a Horgi owner. To produce a litter of baby Horgis the process of artificial insemination needs to be used due to the contrasting sizes of the Husky and Corgi. They can’t breed naturally.

The Husky is always the mother dog in this union and the Corgi is always the sperm supplier or father. The breeds are quite distinctive in appearance and puppies can have more traits than either parent. Your breeder will be able to discuss with you in detail what you can expect when your Horgi puppy arrives and is ready to become a part of your family.

Research breeders in your local area and afar. Your local veterinarian may be able to recommend a good breeder or an online search may also prove successful. You might also find your husky corgi mix puppy from someone who owns an adult Horgi and can recommend their breeder. Personal references are usually a reliable source.


What Kind of Home Do Horgi Dogs Need?

The sociable Horgi can be perfectly content living in a small space such as an apartment or condo, as long as it gets daily outdoors exercise to burn off the energy. They also love big homes where they can stretch out and walk around indoors and outdoors when they please.

They love company so shouldn’t be left home alone for too long. If there is someone in your family home at all times the huggable Horgi will be very happy. Even if there is another pet to hang out with while you are away at work or out running errands the Horgi will be happier than being alone. If it can go along for the car ride this friendly dog will be wagging its tail even more.

Due to the history of the Husky and it’s being from a very cold Siberian climate, the Horgi does well in colder climates. Its coat is thick and keeps it warm. In hot climates, you need to make sure your dog is kept cool and doesn’t overheat. If you live in a place with four seasons your dog will be happiest in the cooler months.

Horgis are medium-high maintenance dogs needing lots of love, care, and attention. If you are looking for a low-key, quiet dog who doesn’t need daily grooming then this isn’t the right breed of dog for you.

But if you can dedicate the time required for caring for a cute Horgi you will be glad you welcomed it into your family. For first-time dog owners, the Horgi is also a good choice and can be managed easily if the owner is aware of the dog’s needs.

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Clearly, a Horgi or Siborgi would make an excellent pet, companion, and furry friend for life. This breed has a nice nature, even temperament, and adapts well to a range of living situations.

The Horgi is growing in popularity and is becoming more well-known in many countries around the world. It’s no surprise as it is a sweet dog with a lovely nature and its appearance is regal and charming.

The following are some of the interesting facts about the Horgi:

  • The lifespan of the Horgi is generally 12-15 years.
  • Weight is about 20-50 lbs; 13 to15 inches tall.
  • The common colors: White, black, blue, cream, brown, orange, or even red.
  • Horgis bark but not excessively. Reasons include protection, fear, boredom, seeking attention, greeting, separation anxiety, and habit.
  • Horgis are somewhat territorial and protective of their property and family and owner.
  • They are intelligent and playful; love to chase cats and other small animals.
  • It required about an hour of exercise daily.
  • It is recommended they are bred no more than once a year for the benefit of their health.
  • You can expect to pay between $500 – $1,000 for a Horgi if you buy from a professional breeder.
  • Horgis are designer dogs and are considered trendy in some countries.
  • Some pet owners prefer to call the Horgi by the name of the Corgsky.