How to Train a Dog with a Shock Collar to Come?

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What most dog owners find trouble with is how to train a dog with a shock collar to come?

An electronic or a remote collar is a type of training collar that can be a very handy training gadget to take full control over your dog.

The remote collar helps the dog owners with their dogs in numerous ways.

If your dog is unable to focus on your commands, it can help divert the concentration of your dog towards you. 

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If you know, how to use a training collar, you can keep your dog out of harm’s way. Such as you can prevent your dog from running out in the street and tailing another animal. The reputation of the training collar can be greatly damaged by calling it just a shock collar, as it is much more than that. A shock collar is a beneficial appliance for the dog as well as the dog owner.

The shock collar is a dog training gadget that first sends a signal to the dog to obey the order for example “to sit”, “stop” or “stay”, before applying an electric shock. The signal act as a warning to the dog to obey the owner’s command. The collar prevents your dog from any distress or trauma that your dog can experience if you apply the traditional methods on your dog to stop the misbehavior.

A shock training collar helps your dog in countless ways. Basically, the consequences are associated with the dog’s action and not with the owner being there with the dog.


Common Shock Training Mistakes

To be honest, electric dog collars are controversial for this misuse. That’s why expert recommends doing proper research and understanding the fundamentals before using the shock collar training. Here are four common shock collar training mistakes people make while training their dogs.

How to Train a Dog with a Shock Collar to Come

As, there are different breeds of dogs like Corgi Beagle Mix or German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix, so almost every breed responds to certain situations in a different and comparable way. The shock collars are programmed in a way that they adapt to the dog’s action.

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 If the dog, is following another animal, which a dog from a herding breed would most likely do, the collar will not harm or electric shock the dog immediately, but it will first redirect a signal to the dog to stop or stay put at its position. If the dog refuses and turns down the signal, then the shock collar is designed to inflict electric shock to the dog to make it stop from damaging itself and the animal it is chasing.

The signal that the shock training collar produces is in the form of the sound of a beep or some kind of warmth felt by the dog. Make sure that the signal in the form of a beep or warmth is of such intensity that your dog could recognize it, it should not be too low and definitely not too high. It should be considered big so that your dog must recognize the signal and stop or obey the command of its owner before getting an electric shock.

Few of the dog keepers find it confusing to understand the method of how to train a dog with a remote collar. However, there is a specific way to use the remote collar without turning your dog against yourself.

If your dog is going through an E Collar Training, the dog must not come in contact with the remote. Precisely, keep the remote out of the reach of your dog and hidden. Don’t let your dog see you using that remote when the dog is being electrocuted.

E Collar Training is one of the most efficacious and constructive ways to train your dog and prevent your dog from getting into any kind of serious trouble without using the traditional leash

Unacceptable behavior such as following cars, chasing animals, charging on people or jumping on furniture, or damaging other materials by scratching or digging holes can be prevented with the help of E Collar Training.

E Collar Training helps the dog to recognize its owner and it helps the dog to obey its owners’ commands.

As a training method for puppies

It is not a good idea to use e-collar training on puppies because they haven’t undergone full training. It is recommended that your dog should know basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” before you starting e-collar training. People commonly use a shock collar to get rid of unnecessary barking, but you can use many other ways to discourage such behavior.

The most simple and effective one is not to give a puppy attention when it barks. You can give commands like HUSH or QUIET when a puppy is barking. Remember, braking is a natural behavior, so you should deal with it gently.


How Are Electronic Dog Training Collars Used?

Many specialists propose that E Collar Training is one of the most productive and effective methods to train and coach your dogs.

However, an inappropriate application of this method can result in a very terrifying result, for example, the dog turning against you.

There are two ways in which the electronic training collar is beneficial. The first method is that by applying electric shocks whenever you find your dog misbehaving in any way.

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For example, if the dog is doing digging or chewing in a destructive way, you can make it stop by simply activating the electronic collar.

The collar will send some warning signal to the dog to stop, if the dog recognizes the signal and stops, no action is taken, if the dog does not stop, it gets electrocuted.

Another way to make your dog abide by your command is that when you order your dog to sit, come or stay and the dog responds to your command with the correct response, stop clicking the remote, and pet your dog and praise him. Your dog will learn after some time that if he wants to avoid the electric shocks, he must follow the owner’s command.


Explain The Electronic Dog Training and Its Working

E Collar Training is basically a method of communication between the dog and the dog owner. This method of communication allows the dog keeper to make corrections in the behavior of the dog and it facilitates the dog owner to fortify the commands that the dog already knows. By inflicting an irritating electric shock whenever the dog misbehaves makes the dog realizes that the only way to make the electric shocks stop is to obey the owner’s command.

Two types of E Collar training that are suitable to evolve your dog’s habits are; no-bark training collars and remote-control training collars. The no-bark collar is available in the market, the collars do not have a remote. These types of collars are triggered by the bark of the dog. The sensor in these collars is activated with the help of the vocal cords of the dog or the vibrations the bark produces. It really helps the dog owner with the barking issue.

As these collars are designed in a way that they do not need a remote or controller, they are self-activated as soon as the dog barks, so it helps the dog keeper even when he’s not at home.

The remote-control training collars are designed that they need a remote to perform their task.

The remote-control training collars come with a remote and a receiver collar that fits around your dog’s neck, With the help of the remote the level of intensity of the electric shock can be managed according to the temperament of your dog. You can choose that if you want to inflict an electric shock, vibration, or a kind of tune on your dog if he misbehaves.

So, with this type of collar, the dog owner is in complete control of his dog.


How Do I Choose The Best E-Collar For Me And My Dog?

To facilitate your dog with the best, productive and constructive experience, you should choose the best e-collar that fits your distinctive situation and the way that your dog behaves.

The first factor that you should consider while buying an e-collar is, how to train a dog with a remote collar? If you are living in an apartment and your dog have limited space to roam around, and you want to correct the habits of your dog such as charging on people, jumping off furniture, then you don’t need that collar that provides an extensive range.

But if you are living on a farm and your dog have a lot of outside space to roam around and play, then I suggest that you consider an extensive range collar.

The other thing that you need to consider is the weight and the temperament of your dog. The weight and temperament of your dog play get a role in selecting the type of e-collar.

As the e-collar ranges from low to high stimulation and medium to high stimulation, most of the dogs are suitable for medium to high stimulation.

However, your dog’s temperament and weight must be considered before choosing any type of e-collar.


Why Not Purchase Those Cheap Electronic Dog Training Collar? 

There are different types of collars present in the market, all the collars vary in range.

Honestly, the cheapest collar can be bought for below $100, but such collars can cause great harm to your pet.

For example, the minimum level of requirement for the correction in your dog’s behavior or attention is level 15. The e-collar with good quality has synchronized levels, so its level 15 is actually level 15 while that’s not in the case of cheap e-collars.

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The sticky button is another problem that occurs in some cheap e-collars. If the dog is not in your reach and the button on the remote sticks, the dog gets continuous shocks, while in good quality e-collars they have safety features that even if the button sticks the collar automatically shuts off after few seconds.


Are Electronic Training Collars Safe for My Dog?

As I have tried these dog collars on my dog as well so I am pretty confident that these electronic dog collars are secure and sane for your dog. Not only me, but man dog training specialists recommend dog owners to apply this formula of E Collar Training to their dogs to improve the dog behavior and fortify the commands already known to your dog. The sensation that is produced in the collar when the dog disobeys its own is not injurious or damaging in any way but is simply irritating.


What is “Static” Shock (Stimulation)?

When the dog owner wants his dog to obey his command or when the dog misbehaves by doing an unpleasant task, an irritating gush of energy is passed from the dog collar to the dog to divert its attention towards the owner and make the dog obey the owner’s command or to stop him from misbehaving. The intensity of the shock can be adjusted depending on the type of dog you have as your pet.

These electric shocks in the e-collar were never designed to harm your dog in any way, but these were designed as the consequences of the dog’s action. If the dog misbehaves or disobeys its owner the electric shock is designed to make the dog stop misbehaving.

The electric shocks can be adjusted from the remote to a minimum level of 0.000005 joules, which is almost undetectable. The maximum electric shock that can be produced using the remote ranges from 2 to 6 joules. These electric shocks can be adjusted according to with specific dog in your mind.


How To Train a Dog With a Remote Collar?

The electronic dog training collar is simple to use.

They have a very simple mechanism and can be controlled by anyone having basic knowledge about it. It does not require an expert for its application. The only thing that it requires from its user is consistency and timing. If you master these two techniques then you will face no difficulty in controlling and making your dog obey your order.

All of these collars work almost in the same way. Some of them are automatic electronic collar which does not require any remote and some of them require remote for the correct implementation.

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Why Use An Electric Training Collars Vs Pinch or Choke Collars to Train My Dog?

There are many setbacks to using a pinch or choke collar.

One of the setbacks is that you need to have your dog right next to you if you are using the pinch or choke collars. With the pinch or choke collar, you need to apply savage force to take full control of your dog and while doing so, you can damage your dog’s spinal cord to a great extent. Due to this your dog may suffer from extreme pain and the bond that should be there of you with your dog may not improve.

The electronic dog training collar is far better than the pinch or chokes collar as they are much secure and humane for your dog.

They help in an effective and constructive way to control your dog. They facilitate the dog owner and help him to control his dog from misbehaving by applying a little gush of energy to the dog that is completely unharmful. It helps the owner to control his dog even when the dog is away from him, this clearly proves that a pinch or choke collar is not better than electric training collars.


Are Electronic Dog Training Collars Waterproof?

These types of questions can be linked to questions like “How to use a training collar?” and “How to train a dog with a remote collar?”. As we know the E Collar training is the best way to make your dog obey you and stop your dog from behaving badly.

The e-collar products that are present in good quality are made waterproof. That means you can let your dog swim while having that collar on him.

However, you should be a bit careful while giving him correction as the dog is swimming as while swimming the intensity of the shocks increase. So, it is suggested to lower the intensity of the electric shocks from the remote before applying a correction to your dog as the dog is swimming.


Can a Remote Collar Be Used To Stop Nuisance Barking?

Precisely, the remote electronic dog training collar is the best gadget in the market to help you do improve your dog habits. The collar can be used to stop nuisance barking in a dog by using the remote.

But for the perfect implementation of this process, you need to be close to your dog or your dog should be in your range. You need to time precisely, whenever the dog bark you should apply a correction to the dog in order to prevent the dog from being confused.

The problem arises when you are not at home. The dog gets confused as he does not get a correction for barking at that time. For this reason, you can use the no-bark training collar. This type of collar is activated from the vibration that is produced by the barking of the dog or by the vocal cords of the dog. This type of collar prevents the dog from being confused. And it helps stop the nuisance barking.


E Collar Training is the finest and most productive way to enable your dog to understand you completely.

This training provides the best communication system between you and your dog. E Collar Training is supported by the electronic dog training collar that helps the dog to understand and obey its master’s command. The best thing about collars is their design.

The design of the electronic dog training collars is similar to that of the pinch collar. So, a dog that is used to be in a pinch collar also feels comfortable in the e-collars.

The only difference between them is that e-collars don’t have any leash and still the dog owner can control his dog when the dog is far away from him. The electronic dog training collar is present in different designs and different sizes. So, the dog owner doesn’t have to worry about their dog sizes, as the e-collar is available for almost all dog sizes.

Another impressive feature of this gadget is the way it treats the dog when the dog behaves badly or disobeys the command of its owner. A correction system is installed in the gadget that can be controlled by the remote. Whenever the dog misbehaves, the owner can apply a correction to the dog by tapping a button. On tapping the button, a small surge of energy is inflicted on the dog with the help of the collar.

This type of electric shock is completely hurtless and safe. It is just a little bit irritating so that the dog abides by a routine that whenever the dog misbehaves it has to face some consequences. The device is designed in such a way that you can adjust the stimulation according to the size and temperament of your dog.

The main feature of this device that gives an upper hand to this device over the pinch collar is that the long-range connection it holds. The dog owner can have full control over his dog while sitting 0.5 miles away from his dog.

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The device has an impressively fast connection between the remote and the dog collar. With the help of an e-collar the owner doesn’t need to apply brute force on the leash to take control over the dog, he just presses a button to make his dog obey him.

The electronic dog training collar is tested and certified by many dog training specialists. The device is durable.

The e-collar also has a magnificent feature. It can also be used underwater.

The only thing that needs to be done when using the collar underwater is that the owner should lower down the intensity of the electric shocks as in water higher intensity level of electric shocks can be dangerous.

As a Quick Fix

Electric dog collars are commonly used to deal with problems like unwanted barking, food aggression or jumping. Unfortunately, the prime misconception is that people take it as a quick fix.

E-collars are made for training, and it will take some time, effort and dedication to do it correctly. A dog can’t stop the unwanted behaviour immediately.


Remember, an electric collar is not made for punishment but as a deterrent for irrelative behaviour. These training collars generally come with various levels that start from gentler small stims and proceeds. Though it will not hurt your pet, when misused, it may confuse the dog and make it fearful. Such confusion may lead to further unnecessary behaviour issues.

Always start with the gentlest settings when training your dog. There beep or vibration will distract the dog more than a low setting stim. The stim distracts the dog from its behaviour long enough for you to give it a command to redirect focus.

Discipline Substitute

Training a dog is a tough task which leads to relying on the electric collar to perform your training. Your pet needs to have a proper understanding of the command to communicate what the stim of the electronic collar means.

Training means consistency which means you have to follow the methods properly for best results. Correct the dog every time it misbehaves to reinforce training. Remember consistency in the discipline works better than teaching the dog to behave only when it’s wearing the shock collar.



The electronic dog training collar is the finest and elite E Collar Training device.

My review on it is that it is a far better option for any dog owner to buy the electronic dog training collar than to buy the choke collar.

The reviews for this device, as I have observed, are entirely positive.

Everyone who has bought this device has found it the best to control the dogs and to make the dogs obey their commands.

The other things that clearly show that the e-collars are the finest and most secure for your dogs are that you don’t need to apply barbarian force on your dog to take control over him, due to force the dog can also be harmed, you just need to press a button to apply correction to your dog. Hence, this device is the best way to improve the bond between the owner and the dog and take it to another level.



  • For what age dogs, is an electronic dog collar suitable?

The more concerned dog owners start training their puppies using the electronic collar when their pups are 5-6 weeks old. So, it is recommended to train your dog as soon as possible.

  • How much time will it take to train my dog?

Training your dog greatly depends on the breed of your dog and how careful you are while training the dog. If you are more focused on training the dog, the dog will respond to the training in a much positive way. There is no specific time period.

  • Why aren’t the choke chains suitable for training?

The choke chains aren’t suitable as they require savage force from the owner to keep the dog in his control. With this treatment, the dog can be harmed.

  • What is the maximum range of the electronic collars?

Specifically, the range of the collar depends on the quality of the electronic dog training collar. However, the average quality training collar has a range of almost 0.5 miles.

  • I have heard from a few people that “shock collar causes burns”. Will this problem arise in a collar?

Absolutely not! The e-collar is designed in such a way that it does not cause harm to the dog in any way. The dog collar only sends a little gush of correction or a kind of sensation to the dog when the dog misbehaves.